What makes a good writer

What makes a good writer

What makes a good writer? – This appears to be a simple question, but the inner meaning of the question is vast. The answer for this question is difficult. A writer has the ability to reach a person’s mind through his/her writing. This might give a little hint what it might take to be a really good writer.

Let’s first look what writing actually is, and then we will try finding answer for the question – What makes a good writer. So what is writing? Some might say it is an art whereas others may call it a science. In the broader sense, writing is both an art and science. It is an art because of the various style aspects and because of the technical aspects that are used for writing, it is termed as science. The quality of a good writing is measured by the targeted audience – the more the audience the good the writing is. The other name of a writer is litterateur.

Now let’s look at what actually it takes to set foot as a real good writer. A good writer is one who can reach a reader’s mind easily and grab their attention. Intention of a good writer is to express his/her thoughts – not only just within the boundary of traditionalism but also beyond that. If the writer does not have feelings and passion, it will be difficult, rather impossible, to reach the audience and in turn to become a good writer. The goal of a good writer should be, to search the reality and bring it to the mass in a crisp and concise manner, which should be easy to understand for common man. If a writer can think the way a common man thinks, it would be easy to make an impression in common man’s heart and mind and also build a connect. In that way a writer’s writing would take the shape as if it is narrating a story which is no less than resembling the reality. A writer’s writing is considered successful, when the reader blends him/herself with the character of the story and started thinking as if it’s happening to him/her.

The characteristic of a good writer is to mold him/herself into mindset of the reader. A writer is considered good when his/her writings inspire the reader and motivates to a great extent. One of the biggest aspects of a writer is to present his/her expressions in a very simple, concise, crisp yet understandable language so that it will be easy for the reader to get engaged with the subject. And that would be termed as a success of a good writer. A writer considers good when his writings broadens a readers mentality, helps them bloom as a real human being and make them understand the proper meaning of the phrase man is a social animal. But yes, the writer him/herself should be broad-minded and ready to accept truth and reality with an open heart and mind. If one has to be a good writer, he has to be an open-minded and a good human being first. This article may help you getting a small answer for a vast question – What makes a good writer?

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    1. Thanks Teresa for visiting my blog and sharing your thought 🙂
      These thought came to my mind every now and then. I thought of penning them down, which resulted in this post 🙂

  1. You have raised a very fundamental but profound question. Your answers have touched on the most important aspect of good writing that is choice of using simple words, and how concise we are conveying what we wants to say and reflecting the reality and being able to speak the language everybody understands, how lucid it is and the ease in the flow of reading and the power of the idea or the meat in concept being presented. That’s comes from the passion and efforts that has gone behind putting that story or article for the reads to read to enjoy the journey of reading…the messaging and the inspiration matters.

    1. Thank you so much Nihar for reading my post and sharing your thought on this. I truly appreciate your effort and taking time to make such a comment on this point. I tried to point out some facts on what we as writers/bloggers need to focus on.

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