Book Review: Dusk Romantics – The Omen of Love by Neha Siddhwani

Book Review: Dusk Romantics – The Omen of Love by Neha Siddhwani

This is my first post for #MyFriendAlexa campaign with Blogchatter and I thought of let’s start this year’s campaign with a book review post. This review was long due and what could be the best forum than #MyFriendAlexa to share this across.

This book review post is of Dusk Romantics – the Omen of Love by Neha Siddhwani. I like reading poetries and when I came across this new book in Twitter I thought why not download the copy in the Amazon Kindle and give it a read. After I read the e-book I felt I was right in choosing this book and add it to my repository. Neha has written a collection of 29 love poetries in her first book and are beautifully articulated and are engaging. I would say if you like to read poetries you cannot miss this book.

In the starting of her, e-book Neha has rightly quoted “Some love stories get their destination. And some are just to rejoice for the lifetime.” This quote is so true to the theme of this book. The collection of the beautiful love poems will make you stick to the pages and you cannot wait until you complete one poem and move to the next. Each poem will make you feel what is waiting for you in the next poem. The choice of words and the flow of the poem is what I would say the USP of this book.

If you ask me what would my personal favorites from the list of 29 love poetries, I would say “It’s difficult to choose” as all the poetries are equally enjoyable and enchanting. But there needs to be some that you would keep over another and I’m no exception to that. Here is my list of personal favourites.



Perfect Strangers


Strange Friends

Lonely Nights


One Sided Love


Actually, my list would go on and add all the poems from the book… LOL

Give it a read and I’m sure you will like the poetries too. Do let me know in the comment if you have read the book and your reaction.

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  1. I have read one book on poetry sent to me by the author. That was in hindi. So, I guess I can pick another one, this time in English. Thanks for the review. Added to the tbr. #LiveItYoungReads #MyFriendAlexa

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