5 Alternate Things to Do in Rajasthan

5 Alternate Things to Do in Rajasthan

Rajasthan is a state which defines Culture, Royalty and magnificent forts because of which there are tons of tourists coming into the state of Rajasthan to visit its amazing sites and look at its colours but there are many things in Rajasthan beyond those shiny giant architectures which everyone talks about constantly. Against the popular belief there are many and many things to do in Rajasthan but here I have compiled a list of 5 alternate things everyone should do in Rajasthan which no one generally talks about.

Take a stroll in the Golden Carpet of Sam sand Dunes, Jaisalmer

         With golden sand all around you, Sam Sand Dunes will serve you with perfect blend of tranquility and joy surrounding you with no disturbance from human population.

As soon as you reach here this lifeless desert will absorb you and you will never get tired of walking throughout this vast plain of dead life. There will be no hustle no disturbance and everything will be just quiet, like the whole world has been muted away from you to enjoy the scenic artistry around you created by this universe which every traveler lives for.

Watch Sunrise at peaceful Ambrai Ghat (Pichola Lake),   Udaipur

The biggest lake in Udaipur, Pichola Lake is a beauty in its own.

The area of this grand lake is more than 6.5 km, with several Ghats surrounding the lake and the best one is Ambrai Ghat. It is perfect to give you a capture of famous City Palace with Taj Hotel lying in the center of lake. The best way to enjoy this beauty is during the sunrise with sun emerging behind the famous City Palace and giving an shining luster to the late water, giving you a perfect punch of freshness that you are looking for.

Feel cocooned in the Guarding of Aravallis, BarmerI

Get away from all the hustle-bustle of overcrowding and land into the unexplored city of Barmer.

With the magnificent rocky mountains surrounding 360 degree. You will never want to leave that sight with mountain ranges emerging right in front of you with the spectacular daunting figure. The best sunset in the whole Rajasthan can be seen here and with no crowd around, you can click as many pictures of these Aravalli Ranges.

Crunch the famous Kachoris of Jodhpur

What to say about these – the best of the bunch is the famous Kachoris of Jodhpur. They will be highlight of any traveller going to Jodhpur – The Blue CIty of Rajasthan.

Under Rs. 20 they will make you forget about all the people around you and 2 of these will fill you up more than enough to kickstart your next adventure.

With more than 5 types of these Kachoris don’t forget to try them all and give yourself a lip loving memory. Here is the guide to Travel in Jodhpur under Rs1,500.

Explore the unexplored Bikaner

Bikaner, a city famous for its Rasgullas and namkeens but beyond that the city has a charm of its own which is not yet completely commercialised. That’s why everyone should visit this unexplored city of Rajasthan.

As soon as you enter the city you get served by the beautiful architecture of Junagadh Fort and Rampuria Havelis.

And if you are still not allured by their beauty go to National Research Centre on Camel in Bikaner to get served by the beauty of more than 300 camels in front of you which is definitely a moment to behold. So with these 5 alternate things your trip to Rajasthan will be mesmerizing and will keep your wanderlust on check to explore more of the unexplored side of this world.

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