The Unexpected Situation

The Unexpected Situation

Young and energetic Anu is very happy to attend her cousin sister Priya’s marriage. She is very enthusiastic and having fun in the function. But she is not aware that the wedding would change her life completely.

The groom has arrived at the wedding venue with all the required arrangements. The arrangements from the bride’s side are also in full swing and all are highly engaged with the environment. As the time for the Muhurat arrived the priest told the bride’s parents to bring her. Bride’s mother discovered that the bride is missing from her room leaving a letter stating she had to choose this path as she can’t marry someone else apart from the love of her life.

The situation and the environment of the house changed within a moment. All the elders – from both bride’s and groom’s side – sat together to discuss as to what could be done to dodge the embarrassment and humiliation both the families would face if the marriage does not happen.

Anu’s mother took her to a room and spilled the beans stating that the elders of the house have taken a decision that she has to marry Vikas, the groom, in place of her sister. Anu was in a shock hearing this. She could not believe her ears. Numerous questions raised in her mind. She feels that all her dream of studying further and making a career as a Chartered Accountant is shattered in a moment. She held her sister responsible for this situation.

Anu could not avoid the situation and marries Vikas. But she has already made up her mind to tell Vikas that this relationship cannot go along as she is not at all ready for marriage yet – that too with a person whom she has already taken as her brother-in-law. She was waiting for Vikas to come and what happens next was completely surprising for her. She heard the exact same thing from Vikas. He told Anu that she is completely free to take a decision to go out of this relationship as he can understand what Anu is currently going through.

Few days passed. Vikas’s parents can sense that the relationship between Vikas and Anu has not yet become smooth. They thought the situation can get smoother if they both go on a honeymoon. Arrangement is made. Both Anu and Vikas knew this would just be a formality. They went to Shimla. Though Vikas was not completely engrossed into the relationship he is very much caring and protective towards Anu. She could notice that. And at the same time there are lot of differences between them – be it choice of food or music or place to travel. She thought is Vikas doing these things to get her attention… actually not. She is discovering Vikas’s nature eventually. Vikas is keeping smallest of the details in mind and ensuring Anu feels comfortable and relaxed. She started to feel respectful towards Vikas.

Her respect for Vikas moved a step ahead after they come back from their so-called honeymoon as he made arrangements for Anu to continue her studies. Slowly and steadily they started to become friends. Anu becomes busy with her studies and Vikas in his office work.

Anu’s father came to invite Vikas’s family for a function. They had to attend a different function that time. But Vikas chose to attend the function at Anu’s maternal home since that will make Anu happy. Anu and Vikas reached her paternal home on the function day. Anu saw her cousin Priya has also come with her husband. Anu felt a jolt of anger seeing Priya. It is because of Priya she is in this situation of life. Anu could not forgive Priya for this and she had decided to curb all contact with her closest cousin.

To her surprise, Anu noticed that Vikas is comfortable with Priya and her husband Sundar. They are talking normally as if nothing has ever happened. Anu felt why is Vikas not angry with Priya and tell her something. On the other side, she thought will she feel good if Vikas behaves rudely with her sister. But it is because of Priya they are in this situation and Priya is happy with her husband. She again thought is Priya really responsible for the current situation. Did Priya ever think anything of this sort would happen when she eloped on the wedding day? Maybe she did not. Many questions and thoughts ran up and down through her mind. She did not have any answer. How is my husband so comfortable with Priya and Sundar? Is it his nature of being polite and humble with others? Wait… Did Anu mention Vikas as her husband? Yes she did! Does Anu started to feel emotional about Vikas? Does she start liking Vikas for his nature, which she actually wanted to see in her husband? Anu is confused.

It’s time for them to return. There was unusually more crowd at the station that day. Vikas asked Anu to be seated in the waiting hall and he should go to check the train timing and their seat reservation status. As Vikas left, Anu, for the first time, felt alone in the crowd. On the other side, Vikas noticed a lot of crowd near the reservation board and it is taking time for him to check their ticket. His mind was in the waiting hall, with Anu. He thinks how Anu is sitting there alone. He started to feel restless and somehow managed to push the crowd to check their ticket.

Vikas started walking back as hurriedly as possible to the waiting hall and saw Anu at the entry of the hall. She is eagerly waiting for Vikas and he too felt happy to see her. They saw each other and felt relieved. It is that day when their eyes and heart met for the first time in an unexpected place and an unexpected situation.

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    1. Well said Rahul… It can happen anytime anywhere but how you continue with the same feeling is really a challenge 🙂
      Thank you for reading and commenting 🙂

  1. Loved the story Sham! Its beautifully written and it is strange yet pleasing sometimes when one finds peace and calmness in absolutely different times than they expect. Same happened with this couple as well i guess.

    1. Am glad that you liked the story. Thank you for sharing your thought. I liked this story too and will be posting fiction stories more often now… all would be created my my wife Manasi 🙂

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