Interview with a Blogger – Pujarini Mitra

Hello friends. Welcome to yet another interesting post in the Interview with a Blogger series. In this post I’m featuring my up-close and personal interview with Pujarini Mitra. She is the creator of the travel blog I met with her through the social media site and I’m glad that I could connect with her. […]

Interview with a Blogger – Pawni Mittal

Hello friends!! Welcome once again to the Interview with a Blogger series. This feature brings to you the life and times of an Instagram blogger – Pawni Mittal. I met this beauty and lifestyle blogger through an influencer marketing website I’ve had a great fun interviewing her. Let’s hear it from Pawni now!!   Q. […]

Interview with a Blogger – Shoma Chakraborty

Welcome to yet another post in the Interview with a Blogger series. In today’s post I will feature Shoma Chakraborty of She is one of the bloggers whom I follow closely. Shoma is a Writer, Journalist, Education and Marketing Consultant. Without taking much of your time let’s hear it from Shoma!! Q. 1. Please […]

Interview with a Blogger – Tina Sequeira

Welcome back to the Interview with a blogger series, after a break. Today I’m featuring Tina Sequeira, Indian author, blogger and a book critic. I’m glad to meet her through the #MyFriendAlexa campaign and become a fan of her blog. So without taking much of time let’s hear it from Tina.  1. Please introduce yourself […]

Interview with a blogger – Crystal and Candy from The Travelpockets

Welcome once again to the Interview with a blogger series. This post I should call it as interview with bloggers as it features not one but two bloggers – Crystal and Candy – the blogger sister duo from the United States. Their blog,, is a travel and style blog wherein they write about their […]

Interview with a blogger – Keerthi Vydyula

Welcome once again to the Interview with a blogger series. Today we will feature Keerthi Vydyula of I felt glad when she accepted my invitation to do this feature post for my blog. I met her through the My Friend Alexa campaign. Keerthi is from Hyderabad, the City of Pearls. She is not just […]

Interview with a blogger – Ashwini Dodani

Welcome once again to the Interview with a blogger series. For this post I would say a blogger and a poet. Today, friends, I’ll feature Ashwini Dodani – a blogger, poet, a digital and social media professional from Mumbai. Ashwini is an MBA graduate working in social media and branding domain. He has liking for […]

Interview with a blogger – Richa of Savorytales blog

Here is another one in the segment. This is my 3rd in the Interview with a blogger series and this post features Richa from Savorytales. Richa is a food blogger from Mumbai, the city of dreams, whom I follow very closely and love reading her posts on her blog. It feels good for me to […]

Interview with a blogger – Kajal of Missbhukkad Blog

It has been a fabulous experience in featuring my first interview with a blogger post earlier on my blog. It was great to know Romila in the earlier post and hope you all enjoyed reading the interview as well. Continuing the stint I thought of featuring some of the bloggers whom I closely follow and […]

Interview with a blogger – Romila Chitturi

Interviewing someone is not an easy task. But I dared to do that on my blog and this is my first interview post on my blog. I’m interviewing Romila Chitturi on my blog. I’m glad that she agreed for being interviewed and get featured on my blog. She is an experienced blogger, avid reader, eBook […]