Super99 Retail Stores Offer Value For Your Money

Super99 Retail Stores Offer Value For Your Money

Reviewing an entire retail store is a difficult task – isn’t it? At least I feel that way. Because a retail store has lots of different inventory that caters different customers with different taste. I was planning to review Super99 retail store from long time but was holding myself back to make up my mind so that I can be truthful to my readers. I finally made up my mind and here is my review for Super99 retail store. I’ll review a couple of products that I’ve got from this retail chain. I’ve not visited their physical stores but their online store.

Let’s get some insight and know a bit more about the Super99 retail store then I’ll delve into the products that I’ve got from the store. Super99 retail is one of the leading retail brand that has more than 40 stores in 14 states of India. You get products across the categories like kitchen & dining, toys & games, health & beauty, food & beverages, home & decor, stationery and many more. Shopping in Super99 retail (online or in-store) is a great experience. You get choice of more than 5000 products that starts from as low as a price of Rs. 9 and you get great value for your every penny spent.

Now coming to my experience with Super99 retail store shopping. Though they have two physical stores here in my city of Bangalore I checked them out online and spent quite a good amount of time. My thought was before I travel to their store let me explore their online store or maybe get one or two products online and test. I explored few of the categories in their website and zeroed on a couple of stuffs – a set of two ceramic mugs and a designer glass flower vase.

I Love Moustache ceramic mug set

I liked this ceramic mug set. The very simple yet pretty design of the mugs is what attracted me. It’s a set of two white ceramic mugs along with two small stirring spoons. The quantity that each mug can hold is 150 ml. The price is very much pocket friendly and overall I liked the product at the price of Rs. 179. The packaging of the parcel was also neat and there was no damage to the product in transit.

Designer Glass Flower Vase

This is the second product form the Super99 retail store and the reason for choosing this product is from the home decor perspective. The price for this designer glass vase was Rs. 249. I think the look and quality is completely worth the price. The vase is approx. 6 inches in height. You can see in the pictures how cool the designer glass vase looks. The vase gives a modern and classy look to my living room. The design of the flower vase is pretty unique and I kind of liked it.

Overall it has been a good experience for me visiting the Super99 retail online store and moreover the products that I’ve bought are of good quality. I’m planning for a visit to their store in Bangalore and explore to add more to my experience. I recommend you to pay a visit to their stores and explore the products yourself.

2 thoughts on “Super99 Retail Stores Offer Value For Your Money

  1. Hi Sham, Nice post on the Super99 store. I like it. Sometimes I get really nice stuff. Once I liked a tulip shaker at a premium store which seemed a little expensive. Imagine my surprise, when I found exactly the same at Super99 in the same mall at mere RS100.

    1. Thanks Huma for your comment and reading my post. Yes I agree with your comment, there are very nice products available in Super99 stores that are cheaper than the market and they are exactly the same.

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