My List of 7 Movies

My List of 7 Movies

This topic is very close to my heart. Movies – this name itself carries a great importance to me. I can call myself a movie freak and my weekends are never complete without movies. I love watching movies. Am sure there numerous people on this earth who love watching movies and of course their tastes differ. It is not necessary that the move that one person likes would be liked by the others. It’s completely a personal choice. This post is about my list of 7 movies.

I’ve seen many movies till date and to be honest the language never became a barrier to enjoy a great movie. I’ve watched movies in German, Korean, Spanish, Cantonese, French and many others in terms of international language. Likewise I’ve watched many movies in Indian regional languages too. You might be thinking do I know so many languages – not at all. Subtitles were there for the rescue. The aim behind the post is to share my list of 7 movies with all the movie lovers.

Perfume: This movies one of my personal favorites. This psychological thriller is a completely different one in this genre. I’ve seen many psychological thrillers but this movies is at a different level for me. The way the story is depicted of a psycho guy who is mad about scent and searching for that one scent is commendable.

Pearl Harbor: I think this movie has been in the favorite list of many of the movie lovers. The incredible direction blended with excellent camera work makes this movie a treat to watch. The love triangle is the added punch to this drama.

Titanic: Who can forget this James Cameron movie? I remember I was in school when this movie was released. The movies is beyond words for me. I still love watching Titanic even today. I cannot change my TV channel if this move is airing.

3 Idiots: This fun, drama movies is one of the greatest movies in the recent times. 3 Idiots surely will make you remember your college days. Though the movie is fun, it gives a great learning as well.

Sholay: The greatest movie of all time for me. The action scenes in Sholay are just beyond description. It is a 1975 movie and that time movie with so much happening stuffs was beyond imagination. I still love watching this movies whenever it comes on TV.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge: A romantic classic of the 1990’s. This is another movie that is very close to my heart. The special call out for this movie is the music of this movie. The songs still rule the hearts of the music lovers.

The Others: I love watching horror movies and The Others is one of those horror movies that I can’t forget. More than a plot it is the mood of the movie that attracted me. The acting of Nicole Kidman along with her two children is just awesome.

I had highlighted seven movies that are on my list – though there are many others which I enjoyed and cherished watching – these seven I thought would be apt for this post.

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  1. Creating a cinematic version of a well-known tragedy is no easy feat, as there is a fine line between paying homage and exploiting an event. Cameron’s movie, however, is arguably one of the former. “Titanic,” although heavily focused on the love story of Jack and Rose, is a sensitive and tactful portrayal of the devastating accident. It’s no surprise “Titanic” is still an extremely popular film; it is continuously aired on TV, and it was rebooted in 3D in 2012, which coincided with the sinking’s 100th anniversary.

    1. Yeas, true that. I’ve seen Titanic many times and love watching again and again. I’m a movie buff and my weekends look empty without movies 🙂

    1. Thank you for bumping into the post… Am glad you liked it 🙂
      Horror movies are my most favorite too… The Others is a beautiful movie… Have you watched it?

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