KOLKATA SERIES 5: Places you must see in Kolkata

KOLKATA SERIES 5: Places you must see in Kolkata

First of all thank you so much giving so much love to my posts in this series. I’m glad that my posts could be of value addition to you in terms of knowing my city, Kolkata, in as better way. This acts as enthusiasm for me to go on with the series. This is the fifth post in the Kolkata Series – Places you must see in Kolkata and interestingly this post would mostly be towards the popular shopping destinations in the city. Kolkata has many shopping places – both malls and flea markets. The shopping places are regarded as the paradise of the shoppers because of its cheap price and room for bargaining with the sellers. I’m pretty bad at bargaining though. But that does not stop to go to these interesting and exciting shopping places in my city. Whenever I go to my hometown, I ensure that I take a tour to these places at least once.

I’ll take you to a tour of few places you must see in Kolkata, which are primarily popular shopping destination in the city. Without taking much of your time let’s get going.

Gariahat Market: If you ask anyone in Kolkata what places that you can go for shopping, the first name that you will hear is Gariahat Market. This market is kind of a lifeline for the flea market shoppers. Gariahat market is a street shopping paradise for any shopper. The market has both street vendors and renowned showrooms. You can shop here in Gariahat market till your last breath. You can get crockeries, clothes, accessories and many other stuffs in this market. It is a must visit place when you are in Kolkata.

Gariahat Market (Photo Credit: WhatsUpLife)

Gariahat Market (Photo Credit: Neptune Holidays)

College Street Book Market: College Street is one of the most places you must see in Kolkata as well as a busy places in the city. The identity of College Street is bestowed upon the presence of many colleges here and also the small and big book shops. The street is otherwise also known as Boipara (Books Colony). College Street is the paradise for book lovers as one can hover numerous small and big book stores including some renowned publishers’ office as well. If you are book lover you cannot afford to miss visiting College Street.

College Street Book Market (Photo Credit: The Urge To Wander)

College Street Book Market (Photo Credit: Padhaaro)

Burrabazar Market: The Burrabazar Market is the regarded as the lifeline of the city in terms of the wholesale market. The huge area of Burrabazar is filled with wholesale shops of clothing, accessories, spices, plastic materials and many others. The huge market is sub-divided into many sub-markets according to the specialised goods available. This market is mostly visited by those who want to buy stuffs in bulk. You get stuffs at very cheap rate compared to other parts of the city.

Scene of Burrabazar Market (Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

Esplanade Market/New Market: Esplanade Market is another places you must see in Kolkata as far as flea market destination in the city is concerned. The area is full of shops whether it is clothing, accessories, luggage and of course you can get large number of street food stalls offering lip-smacking street food. One of the prominent market in the Esplanade (Dharmotola) area is New Market, which is an enclosed market housing many shops. You can get wide variety of stuffs in this market.

A Stall in Esplanade Market (Photo Credit: Whats Hot)

A Stall in New Market (Photo Credit: Whats Hot)

South City: Till now we were seeing flea market options in Kolkata. It would be injustice if I don’t include a popular shopping mall in this post. South City Mall is one such popular shopping mall in Kolkata. This mall is located in Prince Anwar Shah Road in south Kolkata and is extremely popular among the city locals. It is the largest shopping mall in Kolkata. You must visit the mall to feel the vibe.

South City Mall from Outside (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Inside view of South City Mall (Photo Credit: Flickr)

I’ll conclude this post here. The last one in this series is coming up soon. Keep reading and keep sharing your thoughts!!

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  1. South City Mall is the largest shopping mall in Kolkata, India and the word largest attracted me to visit this mall whenever I visit this place. My sister lives in Kolkata so it is mandatory for me to visit. This mall is in my list. I share love and hate relationship with Flea markets.

    1. Yes South City Mall is indeed very nice. I too visit South City Mall when I go home, but not all the time.
      Gariahat market is always in my list every time I go home 🙂

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