Interview with a Blogger – Pawni Mittal

Interview with a Blogger – Pawni Mittal

Hello friends!! Welcome once again to the Interview with a Blogger series.

This feature brings to you the life and times of an Instagram blogger – Pawni Mittal. I met this beauty and lifestyle blogger through an influencer marketing website

I’ve had a great fun interviewing her.

Let’s hear it from Pawni now!!


Q. 1. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

A. 1. Hello readers! Hope you all are doing well. My name is Pawni Mittal and I am an Instagram influencer/blogger.

Q. 2. What was your inspiration to start your blog Instagram blog

A. 2. Well, my inspirations have been many, from big YouTuber to Miss World 2017 Miss Manushi. They have all inspired me and helped me find my passion. I believe that one should follow his or her passion even though it doesn’t lead them to a career so to say. And also if it doesn’t bring a career, you must balance between passion and career.  Career can be many but passion in life brings a different level of satisfaction. Blogging is my passion, I am always known among my people as “a resource lender”, so I always like to share my feedback, let people become aware about basic to in-depth details about any product/service that they might be purchasing.

I am a beauty and lifestyle blogger. It gives me happiness and satisfaction to blog.

Q. 3.How would you describe/introduce your blog / Instagram blog to the new readers?

A. 3. It’s a blog for consumers. I belong to a middle class family and am aware of the struggle we face as consumers. My blog gives honest reviews, DIY ideas and I am planning for starting a series of style on budget. Also I have this creative side which can be seen in photographs of blogged products. I click pictures from my phone and I don’t go for filters as it fakes out the image. I feel fashion, makeup and lifestyle are very dynamic as fields to explore. I really enjoy it.

Q. 4.What do you think are the best and challenging aspects about being a blogger?

A. 4.


1) As a blogger, you learn new things every day.

2) Bloggers get practical as well as theoretical knowledge.

3) Best job to show your creativity.

4) Can be done as a part-time.

5) No huge investment required.

6) Photography is also one of the best part of blogging.

7) Your canvas to give your opinions or thoughts.


1) Requires patience.

2) Time consuming. It takes time to get good number of followers.

3) Their will be people who would not believe in you or criticise you but then this made me more mature and active. You can’t always get support, you need criticism too.

Q. 5.How would you describe your blogging style?

A. 5. I think from my prospective first I write what I as a reader would enjoy to read. I try to incorporate as much information as I can and still make it light and easy to read blog.

Since I am an Instagram blogger, I give small videos also with my blogs. This way people who don’t want to read can look at the video clip and get some information.

Q. 6.What do you think blogging will look like in next 5 years? Will it still be around?

A. 6. Oh! It is already becoming so important.

From MNC to startup restaurants all have their blog pages. Consumers are becoming smart and aware and would always like to be aware about where they are spending and would it benefit them or not.

I think 5 years down the lane, blogging will be growing as IT has.

Q. 7.Which part of blogging excites you the most – post writing or photography?

A. 7. Haha!! Well… both are equally important and exciting for me, as soon as I click I reach to my note book and vice versa.

Q. 8. What is the biggest surprise that you have ever experienced after becoming a blogger?

A. 8. My first brand sending me skincare products to review. More than a surprise it was motivation for me. As I am a beginner I never thought to get connection with brands this soon.

Q. 9. What has been the toughest criticism and best compliment given to you as a blogger?

A. 9. Criticism – No I don’t think I’ve had any ‘tough’ ones.

Compliment – “oh! You are different from other bloggers, you are very honest”

Q. 10.Where do you see yourself as a blogger in next 5-6 years?

A. 10. I can’t say anything as of now but yeah I really hope to grow big and share my knowledge with everybody.


Thank you so much Pawni for spending time with us and sharing your thoughts. It has been a pleasure knowing you through this interview.


Hope you all too liked this interview and getting to know the beauty and lifestyle blogger Pawni.

We’ll be back again with more such interviews and get to know a blogger.

Happy Reading!!

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