Interview with a blogger – Keerthi Vydyula

Interview with a blogger – Keerthi Vydyula

Welcome once again to the Interview with a blogger series.

Today we will feature Keerthi Vydyula of I felt glad when she accepted my invitation to do this feature post for my blog. I met her through the My Friend Alexa campaign.

Keerthi is from Hyderabad, the City of Pearls. She is not just a blogger but a photographer too. She likes to travel and “Kheer” is what her nick name is. It’s a great pleasure interviewing her and knowing more about her.

So over to Keerthi…

 1. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Thank you Sham for having me on your blog. I feel happy and excited.

I am Keerthi. I am a photographer and a blogger. I blog at It is about travel/photography, short stories and personal musings. Photography is my passion and this passion extends to food as well. I enjoy cooking and find joy in tasting new dishes, so I am a foodie as well! I am also an avid reader and love reading.

2. What was your inspiration to start your blog

I love reading, but never in my life had I thought that I would try my hand in blogging! I had read some outstanding blogs, and they did inspire me to write, but I still couldn’t bring myself to take that next step and start a blog. I underestimated myself. The credit goes to my friend Saumy Nagayach who blogs at He encouraged me and literally pushed me to write blogs. It started with a single post last year. This year has seen many more posts than I imagined.

3. How would you describe/introduce your blog to the new readers?

It is a blog where you can find everything from travel stories and collection of my best clicks to life experiences, short stories and personal musings. It is a pinch of everything, as the tagline of my blog states. I’m planning to start a mini food series as well!

4. What do you think as the best and challenging aspects about being a blogger?

The best aspect would certainly be the love we get from fellow bloggers/friends and the virtual connect we form with each and every one of them. That is something that intrigues me.

The most challenging aspect would be the time crunch, I guess, as many a times we find it difficult to manage work, personal life and blogging activities. But at the end of the day, these virtual friends we find out of nowhere keep us going. Personally, my tribe helped me a lot in achieving my goals which I thought I would never complete on time.

5. How would you describe your blogging style?

I try to keep it as simple as possible. My goal is to achieve a certain connect with the reader and I feel it is only possible when I keep it simple and classic.

6. What do you think blogging will look like in next 5 years? Will it still be around?

There is no way that people are going to stop blogging! Blogging/writing is an expression and I feel it is not going to end any time soon. So most certainly not in the next 5 years. I am a hundred percent sure that it will flourish even more in coming years.

7. Which part of blogging excites you the most –post writing or photography?

It depends on my mood. I mostly enjoy photography. These days, I’m trying my hand at writing fiction, and I enjoy doing that. I’m still not confident but I’m trying to write better, and I’m sure I will very soon.

8. What is the biggest surprise that you have ever experienced after becoming a blogger?

Ah! I must say, these wonderful blogger friends for sure surprised me with the love they showed towards me and my blog. They constantly appreciated and encouraged me. Sometimes, they even corrected my mistakes and helped me grow. That is something I never expected from any of them, none of whom I have met till date.

9. What has been the toughest criticism and best compliment given to you as a blogger?

Toughest criticism? Not much actually. It was only on one instance, when an anonymous person felt that my blogs posts are a bit short and it would be good if they’d be a bit long! I was stumped to hear this as I always felt I write lengthy posts. But I took the criticism sportively!

Compliments! I have got many for my photography. I feel overwhelmed at times with the love that my readers show for my clicks.

10. Would you like to share some words of wisdom or tips for the aspiring bloggers?

From my experience, I would say that do not fear to take that step if you’re really passionate about writing and sharing your thoughts. Never forget that writing is an expression and it might well become your best way of expressing thoughts. So be confident and give it a go. In long run you will see the results and your blog will flourish. It is all about one’s determination. So keep the hope high and get going!


Thank you Keerthi for your time and sharing your thoughts. It was great to know more about you. I hope our readers too have enjoyed reading this interview.

We will be back again with another blogger in the Interview with a blogger series.

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