Interview with a blogger – Ashwini Dodani

Interview with a blogger – Ashwini Dodani

Welcome once again to the Interview with a blogger series. For this post I would say a blogger and a poet.

Today, friends, I’ll feature Ashwini Dodani – a blogger, poet, a digital and social media professional from Mumbai. Ashwini is an MBA graduate working in social media and branding domain. He has liking for words and loves to write. I met him through social media through the MyFriendAlexa campaign and became buddies. I like reading his blog and the poetry he writes. When I was planning the Interview with a blogger series his name was there in the list and am glad that he agreed to do it.

Let’s hear it from Ashwini…

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Somewhere between a creative strategist, poet, blogger and to be better human being, always. I am Ashwini Dodani or Ashu as everyone calls me. I love to write and I write to spread the word of the importance of words and writing. I breathe poetry, for real cannot live without it. Digital Marketing feeds my stomach, writing feeds my soul and takes care of my wishes.

2. What was your inspiration to start your blog

I started with Blogspot almost 8 years back and my blog was always the same till before 2 years now when I shifted to my own domain and take care of my platform. The need to have your own platform was fascinating because it’s like your own home, you decorate, stay and exist there. is who I am in totality, is where I stay and is who I belong to. Myself.

3. How would you describe/introduce your blog to the new readers?

It’s a personal blog with a variety including Poetry, Reviews, Inspiration, Positivity, Poems (of course ;)), Event Experiences. A wholesome of all the experiences which define my life.

4. What do you think as the best and challenging aspects about being a blogger?

I think being a blogger makes you disciplined if you really are a “Blogger” and taking Blogging seriously. It pushes you to challenge yourself, your hidden potential, be participating and try new things when it comes to writing. It’s like your own high, your own baby you take care of and like your own venture/start up. It fails, you fail. It succeeds, you succeed. There are both bitter and sweet moments but the best part about it is that you learn how to never stop learning.

5. How would you describe your blogging style?

Experiential is the first word which comes to my mind when it is about blogging style. My words are all about my experiences whether it is my opinion on a book I read or a place I have recently visited or an emotional break down or uphill which made me write a poem. Its more experiences and personal.

6. What do you think blogging will look like in next 5 years? Will it still be around?

Blogging, as they say has just found its sweet spot. This generation is all about bloggers, they are the new and more trustworthy journalists. Blogging will only rise in the upcoming years but more to add to this, expertise will weed out all the non-consistent bloggers. It will always be around but the experts and regular bloggers will ace the game better.

7. Which part of blogging excites you the most – post writing or photography?

Both actually. Sharing experiences through visuals is the best way one can write about the feeling. Also, photographs, videos and all the visual content is gaining more traction in this social media generation. I enjoy doing both and recently I have been into clicking more compared to last 2 years.

8. What is the biggest surprise that you have ever experienced after becoming a blogger?

People need a unique identity and a voice and I found one after being a blogger. Surprise you may say that I got recognized by well-known platforms who saw my content worthy, it lead me to be confident about getting published and the most surprising thing is that I grew as a writer who decided to never stop writing. However, intangible this may sound but this confidence as a blogger/writer is very surprising. I love it.

9. What has been the toughest criticism and best compliment given to you as a blogger?

Best compliment as a Blogger/Writer/Poet I have ever got is “Where you get all these things from, you write?” I love it when people think it’s not original or copied or are in an awe of what I write. It gives me a different high. Criticism has always been about a little bit about grammar here and there.

10. Would you like to share some words of wisdom or tips for the aspiring bloggers?

If you have decided to be one, never look back. Take all the criticism positively and put that energy into improving your art. People will come and go. Readers will come and go. Only you will stay with your passion. Never give up for anything or anybody. Success and failures are just phases but consistency is the king. No successful blogger made it in a day or month, it takes years or sometimes decades to make a mark. The timeline doesn’t matter but the passion does. Always stick to it.

This has been a real awesome experience to interview you Ashu. You have been phenomenal. Your words are inspirational and wish you all the very best with your blogging spree.

I hope our readers are inspired too and have enjoyed the interview. Thank you so much for sharing your insight and time with us Ashu!!

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