How to get pure air in your car cabin

How to get pure air in your car cabin

Do you have the question in your mind how to get pure air in your car cabin? We all know how important pure air required for a healthy living is. But do we really breathe pure air? The answer is NO. With the huge amount of air pollution blended with the cutting down of trees everywhere at a big pace in the name of urbanization, we are at a great risk of inhaling polluted air every single second. Whether you are traveling in your private car or you are traveling in a public transport or at home – it does not matter air pollution is everywhere.

Some Statistics

According to the global norms the PM 2.5 level particulate matter in the air should be 50. The recent media report showed, in some metro cities in India it reached to an alarming 300 even 400. If you think your home has safe air to breathe, that’s not true. The indoor air is equally harmful and infected with pet hair, pollens, bacteria, viruses and molds. Global data shows every year more than 13 lakh people get affected due to pollution, which indicates that the life span gets shorten by 6 years. Surprisingly, air pollution alone takes about 6 lakh lives. Air pollution is a huge problem, especially when you are traveling.

Solution for the problem at hand

Now coming to the point of purifying the air, yes, there are numerous options available that you can use for purify the air at your home using the air purifiers available in the market and many of us do that too. But what about or have you ever thought of purifying the air while you are traveling in your car? Yes of course not outside but inside your car cabin. You read it right with KENT Magic Car Air Purifier you can purify the air quality of your car cabin.


The new KENT Magic Car Air Purifier is suitable for any kind of car cabin – whether you have a small hatchback or a large SUV. The car air purifier with its three-stage HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) Filtration process, which is capable of removal of PM 2.5. The HEPA technology and filter removes almost 99% fine particles and toxic gases. The efficient HEPA filters in KENT Magic Car Air Purifier filters SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) that are present in the indoor air. The Magic air purifier comes with a specially treated activated carbon filter that absorbs any foul smell or odor present in the indoor air. The low-noise operation with user-friendly, convenient and functional design makes KENT Magic Car Air Purifier a choice for the pure air in your car cabin.

Why KENT Magic Car Air Purifier

KENT Magic Car Air Purifier, for its great performance, is used and loved by many customers. The convenient product dimension (161 L X 161 W X 64 H) makes KENT Magic Car Air Purifier a preferred choice for many car owners. The smooth operation of the air purifier is the key to its success in the car air purifier segment. The KENT Magic Car Air Purifier makes you feel the difference in the air quality in your car once installed. After using the convenient and useful device many customers recommend this to their friends and family. The fast operation of the devices not just purifies the air inside your car cabin in minutes but also vanishes the bad odour inside your car that gets generated during the long hours of car doors being locked without any air circulation. KENT has come up with this very innovative, convenient and easy-to-use product that solves the problem of bad air quality for many car owners. The recommendation for the KENT Magic Car Air Purifier is from the real users makes it even more genuine and shows how this product is loved and accepted in the market.

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