Chili Chicken with a twist in the recipe

Chili Chicken with a twist in the recipe

My love for chicken is unavoidable whatever preparation it may be. I and my wife Manasi have tried many chicken recipes – some from cooking shows, some from blog posts and even some from cooking books as well. But our love for eating chicken has never diminished. We love to try different chicken dishes in restaurants and some we have liked and some had not been able to tickle our taste buds as we had expected. But never mind, we have not stopped trying new stuffs whatsoever.
Like how we try new chicken dishes in restaurants, we have not stopped experimenting with various recipes of chicken. When it comes to experimenting, we try give a twist to some existing chicken recipes and sometimes we come up with something creative from our creative mind. Yes of course some goes well and some do not come out well as we would have expected. But that had never hold us back in trying something new as far as experimenting is concerned.
With the zeal of experimenting new stuffs I and Manasi thought of giving a bit of twist to the well-known recipe of chilli chicken and see how would it come. Let me share the recipe with all you people.


Chicken breast – 300 Gms (cut in small pieces)
Corn flour – 4 tbsp
Egg white – 2 eggs
Black pepper powder – 4 tsp
Green Capsicum – 1 small (diced)
Onion – 1 small (diced)
Ginger – 1 tsp (chopped)
Garlic – 1 tsp (chopped)
Green chilli – 7-8
Tomato sauce – 4 tsp
Chilli sauce – 2 tsp
Soya sauce – 4 tsp
Oyster sauce – 3 tsp
Chilli flakes
Refined oil
  •        Marinade chicken breast pieces with corn flour, egg white, 2 tsp of black pepper powder and extract of mashed ginger-garlic in mortar & pestle
  •        Leave the marinade to settle for some time (about 15-20 mins)
  •        In the meantime cut capsicum, onion and green chilli along with chopped ginger-garlic
  •        Take refiled oil in a frying pan and shallow fry the marinated chicken till its golden brown in color
  •        Saute the diced capsicum and onion in oil for some time and ensure that capsicum and onion do not get soften too much
  •        Add the fried chicken in frying pan and stir it along with the sauteed capsicum-onion duo
  •        Add chopped ginger-garlic and slit green chilli and stir-fry the mixture well until the ginger-garlic leaves its aroma
  •        Now it’s time to add the sauces – tomato, chilli, soya and Oyster
  •        Mix it well and keep the lid of the frying pan closed for some time
  •        You can add some water if you like or stir fry it in the sauce mixture
  •        Sprinkle 2 tsp black pepper and chilli flakes and mix it thoroughly
  •        Simmer the content for few minutes and your dish is ready to be served

The change that I tried in the recipe was not using vinegar to marinate the chicken pieces, which did not offer the typical chilli chicken taste. I had used black pepper powder for the marinade. The other change I tried out here is the Oyster sauce while cooking and less of soya, tomato and chilli sauce. The experiment was successful and it tasted a bit different than the regular chilli chicken. I liked the taste of the recipe and would like to try it again some time!!

4 thoughts on “Chili Chicken with a twist in the recipe

  1. We love our chicken chilly and have it so often. These couple of twists sound really interesting and am going to try it immediately… Loved your blog content and layout .. it really nice

    1. Thanks Sabeeka for those lovely words and visiting my blog 🙂
      Am glad you liked the recipe and my blog. The twist was actually thought by my wife and it tasted great. You can try it out and let me know how you liked it 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Punam for your kind words. I’m glad you tried the recipe and you liked the taste. This was a twist as I like to experiment with food. This was one of them.

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