Yummy Bhindi (Okra)

This is an experimental dish we tried at home….and truly speaking it came out well. It’s not a full curry item, a dry recipe I must mention, but a tasty one…try once, am sure you will like it. Ingredients Bhindi… (READ MORE)

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Potato with poppy seeds

This is a new experiment by my wife at home… was tasty…..For Bengalis, it might sounds like a usual “Aaloo Posto” but it’s not. There is a twist in it.  Ingredients 2 medium size potato 3 medium onion 2-3 green… (READ MORE)

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Pumpkin Recipe

Before preparing this recipe, I did not know that pumpkin can be made into a tasty dish. Try this and am sure you will agree with me. This is again a microwave oven recipe Ingredients 750gms pumpkin – peeled &… (READ MORE)

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Dahi Paneer

This recipe is another experiment carried out by my wife. It tastes really good….. Lip smacking veg dish…. it has paneer in it. As we both love paneer, we loved it – moreover the experiment was a success. Ingredients Paneer-500gms… (READ MORE)

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Gobhi Mussallam

Another tasty veg dish…..Preparation for microwave oven. My love for food and cooking make me to browse websites and this is another beauty that I got from one of the websites. Ingredients 1 cauliflower 1 tbsp lemon juice 2 tbsp… (READ MORE)

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Rice Pulao

This is very easy to cook dish I’ve tried in my new microwave. Try it out, you might like it as well. Ingredients 1cup rice 1 ½ cup water Salt to taste ½ cup peas ½ cup onions – finely… (READ MORE)

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