Ecommerce in India

India has come a long way as far as its e-commerce market is concerned. As per the latest publication and report ecommerce in India or the online market is ever growing and is expected to cross Rs. 2 lakh crore in this fiscal. According to the latest estimate by NASSCOM, the India online business market is estimated to be at $33 billion during the financial year of 2017. The online market has grown about 19 percent during the financial year of 2016-17.

It is the way the modern people transact these days is the key to the remarkable growth of the ecommerce in India. Whether it is buying electronic items and fashion accessories or making your travel booking or booking a ticket for the latest blockbuster movie – consumers are highly inclined towards transacting through online as it offers them convenience. According to IBEF research report in 2013 India houses 3311 e-commerce hubs, 1267 rural hubs, 391 export hubs and 2217 import hubs.

The latest study by Forrester Research reveals that in the Asia Pacific region about one-fifth of the total retail sales will take place through the online market. Some of the highly popular names in the Indian e-commerce sector are Flipkart, Amazon, MakeMyTrip, Snapdeal, Yatra, Jabong and many others. Many newbies in the sector like TataCLiQ,, Limeroad etc. are coming up with good deals and eye-catching campaigns. The same study also adds that the online shopping through the mobile devices will grow at the rate of 15.6 per cent and estimated to reach $1 trillion mark in 2020. Asia Pacific is the largest region in the world in terms of online retail leading by China with the e-commerce market of $681 billion in sales. However, according to the Forrester study is undoubtedly the fastest growing e-commerce market in the world.

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Even though the ecommerce in India is growing at a fast pace it is highly important for the players in the field to sustain that growth. In order to sustain the fast pace growth the most important aspect that they need to focus is higher consumer engagement. The more the consumers are engaged the more they build the trust towards the brand. However, it is necessary for the online merchants to remember the engagement is not just in terms of the pre-sales experience of the consumers but to be aligned to the entire value chain and that would be the key highlight for the success of ecommerce in India.

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SEO in a New Avatar

For SEO, keywords available on the web pages are important along with the text embedded in the link. However, the search engines now looking for the branding of the website, behavior of the visitors and also the social interaction. This concept is named as SEO in its new Avatar. Google has introduced a new feature called Panda update, which includes the branding as well as the visitor behavior when they are searching for any content. Though the new Panda feature is included, it may tend to miss assessing the data sometimes. But there is Google’s main algorithm that takes care of it. Hence branding, behavior and social collectively forms the new Avatar of SEO.

Let’s have a look at these three aspects in little more detail.

Website Branding
There are sayings that search engines generally does not look for branding. However, eminent personalities in the search engine arena seem to disagree with that. As per their thinking there is nothing harm in branding. In fact branding is a solution rather than a problem. There are few factors, which are as follows, that involves in branding:
  • Mentioning the brand and links of the sites in social media
  • Mentioning the brand and links in high profile trusted websites
  • Direct brand or the domain name searches

When you are talking about big brands, it should be relative to the market as well as the keyword. Sometimes big brands are not big ones in smaller markets.

Visitors’ Behavior
Behavior of the users is one the important factor for the success of SEO marketing strategy. The user data can be measured with various medium embedded in a search engine and also the data from its main server. The factors in this area are as follows:
  • Time spent by the visitor in the website, especially when they are entering via SERP
  • The bounce rate
  • Time spent by the visitor in the website
  • If the visitors are returning back to the website

When a visitor is entering the website, the time they spend and the trend of site navigation plays a vital role in measuring the visitor behavior.

Social Aspects

Social aspects include the presence of the search item keywords in the social media websites. This includes the comments that people make in the social sites, tweets and retweets, like and unlike in the social media site play a vital role in the SEO strategy. These activities also determine the future revisits and also new visits to the website. When it comes to the presence in the social media, it is always a question if that will add any significant value. The answer here is “Yes”. Statistics say Facebook, the social networking site, is one of the most visited websites. Hence if you have the link on this website it will spread like a wildfire.

This is about the SEO strategy in its new Avatar. With this new avatar you will get a competitive edge in the market and a step ahead of your competitors.

What is Search Engine Optimization or SEO

      Search engine optimization or SEO is the technique by which the visibility of any search content or website is improved. This is basically an online marketing tool that is getting popularity day by day. The content of the website is written in such a way that when someone searches a particular content, the website with that content would show up at the top and the visibility would be more compared to others. Higher rank means more visibility. Hence the website will have more visitors. The SEO can be applied to any kind of searches including image, video, academic etc.

      When a company is opting for SEO online marketing strategy, they take a few criteria into consideration. Those criteria include, the technique upon which the search engines work on, what are the stuffs that people search most regularly, actual terms that are typed in and also the people’s preference of search engines or the most popular search engine. Editing of the content as well the HTML code is involved in the optimizing operation. There are many companies who take up the search engine optimizing projects. They work on behalf of their client and create the content for their website. They are termed as search engine optimizers or SEOs, which is the acronym for search engine optimization.

        These companies offer only SEO services to their clients as the part of their marketing campaign. They involve in changing or editing the HTML source code of the website and also the content of the website. Sometimes this technology involves the design and development of the entire website, which contains the keyword that people search for in search engines. During the website development, the search engine optimizers use terms that are search engine friendly and are most commonly used by the users. These searches include images, videos, shopping cart terms etc.

        There are numerous benefits that a company can get from SEO marketing strategy. The most important benefit is improving the rank of the website in the search engine. Every organization wants their company website to be ranked at the top of the search engine page, at least in the first two pages as these are the maximum pages from where visitors get their stuffs that they are looking for. With the SEO service you can locate and improve the search terms, which will in turn drive traffic to your website and may be they are your probable customers for the product or service that you are offering. Some of the key benefits that a website can get from SEO marketing strategy are listed below:

  • It saves your time and money
  • This strategy improves your competitive edge in the market
  • More traffic to your website will enhance your sales figures
  • Through SEO marketing strategy you can expand your customer base and also reach the target audience easily and effectively
  • SEO service improves and enhances your return on investment, which is the ultimate goal for this strategy
       Improving the ranking of their website in search engines is every company’s dream, which is only possible by the SEO services.

The Smartphone: Technology of Today’s Youth

Today’s youth, rather to say the SMART generation, is more or less completely addicted to the smartphones. The teen and young generation of today wants to be online and be available 24/7 on social media platforms. A smartphone has proved to be the best companion in that regard. The smartphone technology has transformed to a great extent in last 5 years and moreover they become easily accessible to the SMART generation at an affordable price. Whether it is Android or iOS both smartphones are trending equally among the smartphone users. Whether we are residing in a developed country or a developing country – the way of usage of media by the youth in both types of countries is somewhat similar. Hence the buying pattern of smartphones in both types of countries remains similar, which indeed is a striking fact.
With the widespread availability of iPhone and Android smartphones a whopping 24% of teens are seen online almost all the time. The access to the variety of social media websites is because of the widespread availability of the high-end mobile devices. It is not only the smartphone users who have evolved in using today’s smartphone technology but also the technology itself has evolved and has come a long way. Interestingly, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are the top most social media platforms, wherein Facebook being the most used one. The usage of the social media platforms through the smartphones has increased considerably due to the light and handy apps of these social media that the users can download from the Google Android and iOS markets. The TEchnocrats, a name we can give to the SMART generation, keep regular tab on the latest technology evolution in the smartphones and always want to keep their mobile devices up-to-date so that they can be up and running with time.

The smartphones have evolved to a great extent in last 20 years. The first smartphone was invented with the apps was IBM Simon in 1994 that gradually evolved to the Nokia Communicator series comprised of an LCD screen and a QWERTY keypad. In the evolution of smartphones Apple launched iPhone in 2007 and it instantly became a sensation with its unique and classy design along with intuitive user interface. In the race of evolution HTC was the pioneer of first Android-based smartphone that ran on Linux. This was just the start and today the latest Android smartphones come with Android 6 Marshmallow with quad or octa core processor that offers the ability to process faster and enable seamless and effortless multi-tasking. Since the main aim of the smartphones is to make the internet to be available to every single user – the technology has evolved in this segment as well with the invention of 4G LTE and VoLTE technologies, which is the fastest technology in internet accessibility. These  technology platforms are now readily available in most of the smartphones as it has become a necessity rather than luxury today.

The evolution of the smartphone technology has brought revolution in our lives, making it faster and the relevance of the technology is becoming stronger each passing day.