Book Review: Dusk Romantics – The Omen of Love by Neha Siddhwani

This is my first post for #MyFriendAlexa campaign with Blogchatter and I thought of let’s start this year’s campaign with a book review post. This review was long due and what could be the best forum than #MyFriendAlexa to share this across.

This book review post is of Dusk Romantics – the Omen of Love by Neha Siddhwani. I like reading poetries and when I came across this new book in Twitter I thought why not download the copy in the Amazon Kindle and give it a read. After I read the e-book I felt I was right in choosing this book and add it to my repository. Neha has written a collection of 29 love poetries in her first book and are beautifully articulated and are engaging. I would say if you like to read poetries you cannot miss this book.

In the starting of her, e-book Neha has rightly quoted “Some love stories get their destination. And some are just to rejoice for the lifetime.” This quote is so true to the theme of this book. The collection of the beautiful love poems will make you stick to the pages and you cannot wait until you complete one poem and move to the next. Each poem will make you feel what is waiting for you in the next poem. The choice of words and the flow of the poem is what I would say the USP of this book.

If you ask me what would my personal favorites from the list of 29 love poetries, I would say “It’s difficult to choose” as all the poetries are equally enjoyable and enchanting. But there needs to be some that you would keep over another and I’m no exception to that. Here is my list of personal favourites.



Perfect Strangers


Strange Friends

Lonely Nights


One Sided Love


Actually, my list would go on and add all the poems from the book… LOL

Give it a read and I’m sure you will like the poetries too. Do let me know in the comment if you have read the book and your reaction.

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Book Review – Midnight Musings by Novemberschild aka Romila

It’s been many days since I had posted on my blog due to busy schedule at my workplace.

And there can’t be any better way to make a post of Book Review and that too of an e-Book by Romila aka Novemberschild.

This is her 4th e-Book and I couldn’t miss reading it. I’ve read her previous three e-Books and, I feel, with her every published e-Books Novemberschild aka Romila is becoming even more expressive. Kudos to her method of story-telling and choice of words.

Midnight Musings by Romila aka Novemberschild is a collection of 26 short poetries, which are called Haiku, and a treat for the readers especially if you like reading poetry. This is the first time I’m reading Haiku and I liked reading Romila’s creations. The poetries are short, crisp and treat to read. I especially liked the way Romila portrayed her emotions choosing great language and depicting them in just three lines. The loads of energy in the book will surely be liked by both fiction and non-fiction readers. All the Haikus are great to read but I would like to list a few of them that I personally liked:

  • Envy – Reality in three lines
  • Friends – So true to the fact
  • Light – The celebratory moments
  • Mom – Reflects Romila’s love to her mom
  • Over – A romantic gesture
  • Vagina – The door of new life for a child and the mother too

If you feel time is a constraint, I must mention that this is a very short book and you can complete it on the go. The book surely portrays Novemberschild aka Romila’s love for writing and truly justifies “writing is her forte” as she rightly mentions in the About Me section of the book.

I wish Romila all the best for her new book and congratulations on this milestone. Keep writing!!

Book Review: Between The Pages and Other Short Stories

Book Title: Between The Pages and Other Short Stories

Author: Romila C (

Theme: Short Stories

Format: eBook

I’m reviewing Between The Pages and Other Short Stories by Romila Chitturi in this post. This is my second book review post on my blog and also of the book by the same author as my first book review post. You can read my first review on her second eBook The Three Flowers: My Blooming Verses here.

I was aware about the fact that Romila is working on her third eBook and it will be out soon. I visited her blog Novemberschild and came to know about the release of the eBook and is available on Amazon. Without making any further delay I downloaded the Kindle version – thanks to my Kindle Unlimited Membership.

Between The Pages and Other Short Stories is an eBook with the collection of 10 short stories that you can finish off in no time. I like reading short stories hence picked up this book. The author has chosen and very carefully hand-picked the stories for this book. Her command over the language is clearly evident in the book. The way of story-telling is nice in the book, which will glued you to the book till the end of each story. While reading the book I could visualize the characters of some of the stories. My personal favorites are Her Touch, The Stranger, Story of My Breakup and Suzanne Villa.

If you like reading short stories and thinking which one to pick, I would suggest this one for sure. She also has included testimonials of her first two eBooks – My Writing Workshop: To share, connect, create and inspire and The Three Flowers: My Blooming Verses. Those would also be nice reads as you can get the feel of what her readers had to say about her books.

The Two-in-One Effect

#CleanAirBeautifulHomes – How does it sound? Sounds good, sounds fascinating right? But have you ever thought if it is actually possible? I mean something that can keep your home clean and also make it look beautiful. We will come to that later as we progress.

One of the major concerns in today’s modern life is the pollution – especially air pollution. Now the question is what could be the potential causes of air pollution. There are several agents like smoke, fumes, suspended particulate matter, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, formaldehyde etc. that can cause air pollution. The pace at which we are moving towards modernization and cutting down trees for urbanizing the places one day it will all be the jungle of concrete. As a precaution or protecting ourselves we are using masks while we are out and make our children wear the same when they are going out – whether to school or to park or for any outing. Is that enough? Do the masks help us or our children to breathe fresh air? It’s not that the masks are of no use. They do their work and filter out the air to some extent and supply clean air to our lungs.

We somehow manage to dodge the pollution outside, but how about the air pollution inside our very own home? The air inside our own home may be polluted by lead or in-house dust, fire-retardants, formaldehyde, radon and even the volatile chemicals released from the fragrances in the conventional home cleaners that we use almost regularly. Some pollutants from outside air also trailed into our home. Our indoor environment can be two to five times more toxic compared to the outdoor environment. This may sound shocking but it is the fact as stated by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  The effect of pollution can lead to cause certain ill-effects on your as well as your loved ones’ health, especially the children at home. Some of the effects of indoor pollutants could be asthma, fatigue, skin irritations, nausea, dizziness, headache etc.

Photo Credit: India Together

Can you recollect the catchy line #CleanAirBeautifulHomes in the beginning of the post? That’s the identifier of the two-in-one effect of the Royale Atmos – the new paint by Asian Paints. You might think how it is connected to paint when paints are one of the sources of home pollutants. You are right, but Royale Atmos is manufactured keeping the anti-pollution thought in mind. It cleans the indoor air by absorbing the pollutants and reducing the formaldehyde. This is not just it. Royale Atmos has the feature of absorbing the select household foul smell and thus making the indoor air quality better to breathe. When we paint the walls of our home the irritating chemical smell of the paint remains for days together, which can cause headache, nausea and dizziness. With Royale Atmos, you can set aside your worry about that because this is the only paint that comes with a fragrance. One of the fascinating features of Royale Atmos is the revolutionary Activated Carbon technology, which empowers the paint to purify the indoor air. This goes the CleanAir aspect of Royale Atmos. Now coming to the BeautifulHomes aspect of the paint, it gives a perfect luxurious look to your home because of the smooth matt finish. The Teflon surface protector divulges great scrub and stain resistance capacity to the paint. Toughest stains and scrubs can be cleaned off the wall without compromising the look of the wall. As Royale Atmos comes with Green Assure Seal it signifies VOC safer and environment-friendly.


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Book Review – The Three Flowers – My Blooming Verses

Book Title: The Three Flowers – My Blooming Verses

Author: Romilaa (

Theme: Micro-poetry

Format: eBook

I received an email with an eBook attachment. The eBook, named “The Three Flowers – My Blooming Verses”, is a short 23 page eBook that you can finish in no time. The main theme of the book is micro-poetry that is penned down very nicely by the author. The USP of this book is the 26 micro-poetry of A to Z alphabets. It was great fun to read and I thoroughly enjoyed it. You cannot get bored reading it – because you’ll not get time to get bored. The book is over by the time you think you are feeling bored.

Apart from the 26 micro-poetry the author has also included few descriptive pages, which are equally appealing and fun to read. The Gratitudepage attracts my attention more where the author has mentioned her gratitude towards some smallest aspects, which we generally tend to ignore. The 26 micro-poetry from A to Z are well written describing her feelings very nicely. The Throwback pages of the eBook was inspiring for me to take my blogging spree more seriously. It was so nice of Romilaa that she did not miss mentioning and recognizing her reader’s thoughts in the My Success Story 2016 page.