How to get pure air in your car cabin

Do you have the question in your mind how to get pure air in your car cabin? We all know how important pure air required for a healthy living is. But do we really breathe pure air? The answer is NO. With the huge amount of air pollution blended with the cutting down of trees everywhere at a big pace in the name of urbanization, we are at a great risk of inhaling polluted air every single second. Whether you are traveling in your private car or you are traveling in a public transport or at home – it does not matter air pollution is everywhere.

Some Statistics

According to the global norms the PM 2.5 level particulate matter in the air should be 50. The recent media report showed, in some metro cities in India it reached to an alarming 300 even 400. If you think your home has safe air to breathe, that’s not true. The indoor air is equally harmful and infected with pet hair, pollens, bacteria, viruses and molds. Global data shows every year more than 13 lakh people get affected due to pollution, which indicates that the life span gets shorten by 6 years. Surprisingly, air pollution alone takes about 6 lakh lives. Air pollution is a huge problem, especially when you are traveling.

Solution for the problem at hand

Now coming to the point of purifying the air, yes, there are numerous options available that you can use for purify the air at your home using the air purifiers available in the market and many of us do that too. But what about or have you ever thought of purifying the air while you are traveling in your car? Yes of course not outside but inside your car cabin. You read it right with KENT Magic Car Air Purifier you can purify the air quality of your car cabin.


The new KENT Magic Car Air Purifier is suitable for any kind of car cabin – whether you have a small hatchback or a large SUV. The car air purifier with its three-stage HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) Filtration process, which is capable of removal of PM 2.5. The HEPA technology and filter removes almost 99% fine particles and toxic gases. The efficient HEPA filters in KENT Magic Car Air Purifier filters SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) that are present in the indoor air. The Magic air purifier comes with a specially treated activated carbon filter that absorbs any foul smell or odor present in the indoor air. The low-noise operation with user-friendly, convenient and functional design makes KENT Magic Car Air Purifier a choice for the pure air in your car cabin.

Why KENT Magic Car Air Purifier

KENT Magic Car Air Purifier, for its great performance, is used and loved by many customers. The convenient product dimension (161 L X 161 W X 64 H) makes KENT Magic Car Air Purifier a preferred choice for many car owners. The smooth operation of the air purifier is the key to its success in the car air purifier segment. The KENT Magic Car Air Purifier makes you feel the difference in the air quality in your car once installed. After using the convenient and useful device many customers recommend this to their friends and family. The fast operation of the devices not just purifies the air inside your car cabin in minutes but also vanishes the bad odour inside your car that gets generated during the long hours of car doors being locked without any air circulation. KENT has come up with this very innovative, convenient and easy-to-use product that solves the problem of bad air quality for many car owners. The recommendation for the KENT Magic Car Air Purifier is from the real users makes it even more genuine and shows how this product is loved and accepted in the market.

More details about the air purifying product is available in this link

Super99 Retail Stores Offer Value For Your Money

Reviewing an entire retail store is a difficult task – isn’t it? At least I feel that way. Because a retail store has lots of different inventory that caters different customers with different taste. I was planning to review Super99 retail store from long time but was holding myself back to make up my mind so that I can be truthful to my readers. I finally made up my mind and here is my review for Super99 retail store. I’ll review a couple of products that I’ve got from this retail chain. I’ve not visited their physical stores but their online store.

Let’s get some insight and know a bit more about the Super99 retail store then I’ll delve into the products that I’ve got from the store. Super99 retail is one of the leading retail brand that has more than 40 stores in 14 states of India. You get products across the categories like kitchen & dining, toys & games, health & beauty, food & beverages, home & decor, stationery and many more. Shopping in Super99 retail (online or in-store) is a great experience. You get choice of more than 5000 products that starts from as low as a price of Rs. 9 and you get great value for your every penny spent.

Now coming to my experience with Super99 retail store shopping. Though they have two physical stores here in my city of Bangalore I checked them out online and spent quite a good amount of time. My thought was before I travel to their store let me explore their online store or maybe get one or two products online and test. I explored few of the categories in their website and zeroed on a couple of stuffs – a set of two ceramic mugs and a designer glass flower vase.

I Love Moustache ceramic mug set

I liked this ceramic mug set. The very simple yet pretty design of the mugs is what attracted me. It’s a set of two white ceramic mugs along with two small stirring spoons. The quantity that each mug can hold is 150 ml. The price is very much pocket friendly and overall I liked the product at the price of Rs. 179. The packaging of the parcel was also neat and there was no damage to the product in transit.

Designer Glass Flower Vase

This is the second product form the Super99 retail store and the reason for choosing this product is from the home decor perspective. The price for this designer glass vase was Rs. 249. I think the look and quality is completely worth the price. The vase is approx. 6 inches in height. You can see in the pictures how cool the designer glass vase looks. The vase gives a modern and classy look to my living room. The design of the flower vase is pretty unique and I kind of liked it.

Overall it has been a good experience for me visiting the Super99 retail online store and moreover the products that I’ve bought are of good quality. I’m planning for a visit to their store in Bangalore and explore to add more to my experience. I recommend you to pay a visit to their stores and explore the products yourself.

7 Stress buster Ideas – Quirky and Quick

It is quite common to feel stressed out in today’s modern life. Whether you are at work or at home or driving a car – different places add up different kind of stress to us. But we need to find out some or the other ways to relieve our stress otherwise it would be difficult for us to lead a healthy life as piled on stress will lead to different kind of health problems hampering our well-being. I thought of 7 stress buster ideas or tips on how you can relieve your stress or at least manage it. I could not find a fun yet effective way to conclude the exciting #BarAThon challenge than sharing 7 stress buster ideas. There are many ways you can choose to relieve or manage your stress but what I’m going to share here are really quirky and quick ideas that I too follow.

Chew gum: This is the simplest way of relieving your stress. Chewing a bubble gum can help you relieve moderate to mild stress. I do it when I feel stressed out. According to researches by the Wrigley Science Institute, Chicago it can help you be more alert and perform multi task. A study has also found that chewing gum also help in reducing the anxiety level in mildly stressed people. This tops my list of 7 stress buster ideas as I do it more often.

Eat chocolate or ice cream: To be honest, this activity is my favorite one. Though I don’t like ice cream much but I can’t stay away from chocolates. Whether I’m a stressed or not I eat chocolate. On a serious note it is seen in the clinical study that eating 40 grams of dark chocolate on daily basis, for two weeks, lower down the stress hormone cortisol among highly stressed individuals. So you have a reason now to buy a pack of chocolate or a tub of ice cream while returning home.

Busting the bubbles on bubble wrap: It is difficult to get a bubble wrap every time you stressed out. But some day you would have ordered something that came wrapped in a bubble wrap. You may find some in your pedestal. When you are stressed, busting the bubbles on the bubble wrap gives you immense relief. You would not know when you have busted all the bubbles. Try it out. It’s fun!!

Do meditation: Meditation is another very effective way of managing stress. You don’t need any particular time to meditate. Whenever you feel stressed do meditation for some time. It will make you feel relax for sure and also calm your mind. Meditation is also highly useful in enhancing your concentration level.

Play with your pet: Do you have a pet at home? There is nothing like it. Play with your pet. This has been proved from a 10-year study that about 4000 Americans found their pets being helpful in relieving stress. I personally had experienced this when I had a Spitz breed dog at my home.

Watch funny baby videos: Have you watched those funny baby videos on internet? They are hilarious and I’m sure those videos will bring smile on your face. I love watching those videos. Whether I’m stressed out or not it is a routine for me to watch some funny baby videos before I go to sleep. It gives me very good sleep.

Hum a tune or listen to your favorite songs: Music is the healer of any kind of stress. Whether you hum your favorite tune or listen to your favorite song they are going to act like a magic. If you know to play a musical instrument that would be even better. I love listening to music and have recently made up my mind to take out my guitar from the closet after many years to play it. No am not any pro in playing the instrument but have started from where I had left.

These are some quick and quirky 7 stress buster ideas that I follow to relieve my stress. And since I’m a foodie, cooking is another stress buster for me and I had always loved cooking. I would like to include one more tip here and that is to talk with someone close to you when you are stressed – that can be your mum, dad, a close buddy, your partner, your siblings or anyone as a matter of fact with whom you love to talk. You would see the magical effect of it. End of the day what matters is to be happy and healthy!!

How to manage your finances

As the month starts the first thing that comes to our mind is “How should I manage my finances this month?” This is the most common question for every household – especially is you are a salaried individual. It is highly essential for every single person to know the answer for the question “what can you do to manage finances?” However, it is obvious that there would be some unexpected incidents and expenses appear almost every month and we cannot help it but to face it. But if we can plan for at least the regular stuffs that are mandatory for month after month it would help us in tackling the situation in a better way.
According to one of the studies by TIMEabout 58% Americans do not have any retirement plan. I’m writing this article from my personal experiences. Before I started the exercise it was more of an unorganized spending, but after reading a few articles I tried the below few tips as a testing and it worked out well for me as far as managing finances is concerned.

Make a budget: Keep track of all your expenses for a month. It doesn’t mean that you need to limit yourself. This exercise is to only get an idea of your spending during a given month. Make sure you save all the receipts and make note of your cash requirement versus your expenses. Post that figure out the amount of money you are left with when the calendar page turns.

Spend money successfully: Spending your own money successfully signifies thinking wisely before you spend. Always make a smart move before just shedding out your hard-earned money from your pocket. Here you need to understand and successfully analyze between “need” and “want”. If you are able to prioritize “need” over “want” it will help you save a considerable amount of money.

Make smart investment choices: Investment is the key for your future financial requirements. Make yourself familiarize with various investment options available. You might think what would be the benefit of knowing the investment options and approach a service provider to invest in some option just for saving tax. That should not be the approach. You cannot learn swimming unless you get into water. Go ahead to explore and learn about various investment options available to make a sound decision as per your requirement.

Build savings: Start this exercise by putting away as much of your excess income as possible. Ensure to make savings a high priority in your life. Even if you have a small budget, twist your finances a bit so that you can save more than 10% of your total earnings for the month.

You might think that with all the above tips where the room for enjoyment and entertainment is. Yes, that is quite obvious to think – after all we are earning to live our life and you should give that a priority too. The only thing that should be kept in mind is to be a bit more organized in managing finances so that you need not to compromise in any aspect – be it present or in future.

Sitting in the right way

Working in office typically involves spending a great deal of time sitting on a chair – a position that adds on stress to the structures of the spine. Hence in order to avoid developing back problems, it is important to have an office chair that is ergonomic, supports the lower back and also promotes good sitting posture. There are certain factors that needs to be reviewed prior to make a choice to buy a perfectly fit office chair. These factors will allow the individual to make the chair work well for his or her specific needs. Spine-health offers more insight on various conditions, treatments and wellness pertaining to the spine and back pain problems. The Herman Miller write-ups on Ergonomics is a good resource to gain more knowledge on varied topics on Ergonomics. There are certain very important factors that need to be considered while making a choice of an ergonomic chair.

Ergonomic chair
Seat height: The seat height should be easily adjustable with a pneumatic adjustment lever. The normal seat height ranges between 16 and 21 inches off the floor and that should work for most people. This height allows the user to have his/her feet kept flat on the floor with the thighs horizontal and arms are set even with the height of the desk.
Seat depth and width: Generally, a width of 17-20 inches is standard. The depth from the front of the seat to the back needs to be enough so that the user can sit comfortable with the back against the backrest of the chair leaving approximately 2 to 4 inches gap between the back of the knees and the chair seat. The forward or backward tilt of the seat should be adjustable.
Lumbar support: Lower back support is very important in an ergonomic chair. The lumbar spine bears an inward curve and sitting for long time without a support for this curve may lead to slouching, which flattens the natural curve, and it strains the lower spine structures.
Backrest:The backrest of an ergonomic office chair needs to be at least 12 to 19 inches wide. It should be adjustable in height and angle if the backrest is separate from the seat and should be able to support the natural curve of the spine giving special attention to proper lumbar region support.
Seat material: The material on the office chair, both seat and back, should have enough padding so that it is comfortable to sit on for an extended period of time. Having a breathable cloth fabric is preferable to a harder surface.
Armrests:The armrests should be adjustable allowing the user’s arms to comfortably rest on it and the shoulders to be relaxed. The elbows and lower arms should rest lightly, with the forearm not be on the armrest while typing.

Swivel: A conventional or ergonomic chair should easily rotate so the user can easily reach different areas of the desk without straining.

A Journey to Paper Quilling

I am writing this blog post after I explored and inspired by the creative capacity of my better half – my wife Manasi. I knew and witnessed that she is good at art, drawing, painting and crafts, which is actually her passion. But paper quilling and creating jewelry out of them was a new arena that she wanted to explore, which was a part of Jewelry Designing and Making. She saw a post of a jewelry making workshop (mainly the paper quilling one) in one of the posters and shared the same with me. She expressed her desire to take part in the workshop. I was aware that she had the aspiration of exploring the arena of jewelry designing and making and seeing her enthusiasm I got her enrolled for the workshop.

The workshop was for about three hours and the primary agenda topic of the workshop was to help the candidates to learn how to make a necklace using the quilling paper technique. The first one that she made in the workshop is the one in the below picture. She created only the necklace in the workshop, as the time only permitted for making the same. The workshop ignited her creative avatar to a greater extent and the matching earrings were the creations post the workshop while she was at home.

That’s not all… She did not limited her creativity just to that set of necklace and earrings. She went ahead and started exploring more over the internet and curated ideas of design from her mind. Couple of them are here that worth sharing in this blog post.

Hats off to the workshop that made me to explore a different side of Manasi and I do encourage her to explore more in this arena and follow her passion.