Interview with a blogger – Ashwini Dodani

Welcome once again to the Interview with a blogger series. For this post I would say a blogger and a poet.

Today, friends, I’ll feature Ashwini Dodani – a blogger, poet, a digital and social media professional from Mumbai. Ashwini is an MBA graduate working in social media and branding domain. He has liking for words and loves to write. I met him through social media through the MyFriendAlexa campaign and became buddies. I like reading his blog and the poetry he writes. When I was planning the Interview with a blogger series his name was there in the list and am glad that he agreed to do it.

Let’s hear it from Ashwini…

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Somewhere between a creative strategist, poet, blogger and to be better human being, always. I am Ashwini Dodani or Ashu as everyone calls me. I love to write and I write to spread the word of the importance of words and writing. I breathe poetry, for real cannot live without it. Digital Marketing feeds my stomach, writing feeds my soul and takes care of my wishes.

2. What was your inspiration to start your blog

I started with Blogspot almost 8 years back and my blog was always the same till before 2 years now when I shifted to my own domain and take care of my platform. The need to have your own platform was fascinating because it’s like your own home, you decorate, stay and exist there. is who I am in totality, is where I stay and is who I belong to. Myself.

3. How would you describe/introduce your blog to the new readers?

It’s a personal blog with a variety including Poetry, Reviews, Inspiration, Positivity, Poems (of course ;)), Event Experiences. A wholesome of all the experiences which define my life.

4. What do you think as the best and challenging aspects about being a blogger?

I think being a blogger makes you disciplined if you really are a “Blogger” and taking Blogging seriously. It pushes you to challenge yourself, your hidden potential, be participating and try new things when it comes to writing. It’s like your own high, your own baby you take care of and like your own venture/start up. It fails, you fail. It succeeds, you succeed. There are both bitter and sweet moments but the best part about it is that you learn how to never stop learning.

5. How would you describe your blogging style?

Experiential is the first word which comes to my mind when it is about blogging style. My words are all about my experiences whether it is my opinion on a book I read or a place I have recently visited or an emotional break down or uphill which made me write a poem. Its more experiences and personal.

6. What do you think blogging will look like in next 5 years? Will it still be around?

Blogging, as they say has just found its sweet spot. This generation is all about bloggers, they are the new and more trustworthy journalists. Blogging will only rise in the upcoming years but more to add to this, expertise will weed out all the non-consistent bloggers. It will always be around but the experts and regular bloggers will ace the game better.

7. Which part of blogging excites you the most – post writing or photography?

Both actually. Sharing experiences through visuals is the best way one can write about the feeling. Also, photographs, videos and all the visual content is gaining more traction in this social media generation. I enjoy doing both and recently I have been into clicking more compared to last 2 years.

8. What is the biggest surprise that you have ever experienced after becoming a blogger?

People need a unique identity and a voice and I found one after being a blogger. Surprise you may say that I got recognized by well-known platforms who saw my content worthy, it lead me to be confident about getting published and the most surprising thing is that I grew as a writer who decided to never stop writing. However, intangible this may sound but this confidence as a blogger/writer is very surprising. I love it.

9. What has been the toughest criticism and best compliment given to you as a blogger?

Best compliment as a Blogger/Writer/Poet I have ever got is “Where you get all these things from, you write?” I love it when people think it’s not original or copied or are in an awe of what I write. It gives me a different high. Criticism has always been about a little bit about grammar here and there.

10. Would you like to share some words of wisdom or tips for the aspiring bloggers?

If you have decided to be one, never look back. Take all the criticism positively and put that energy into improving your art. People will come and go. Readers will come and go. Only you will stay with your passion. Never give up for anything or anybody. Success and failures are just phases but consistency is the king. No successful blogger made it in a day or month, it takes years or sometimes decades to make a mark. The timeline doesn’t matter but the passion does. Always stick to it.

This has been a real awesome experience to interview you Ashu. You have been phenomenal. Your words are inspirational and wish you all the very best with your blogging spree.

I hope our readers are inspired too and have enjoyed the interview. Thank you so much for sharing your insight and time with us Ashu!!

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Interview with a blogger – Richa of Savorytales blog

Here is another one in the segment. This is my 3rd in the Interview with a blogger series and this post features Richa from Savorytales.

Richa is a food blogger from Mumbai, the city of dreams, whom I follow very closely and love reading her posts on her blog. It feels good for me to interview her on my blog and sharing the same with you all. Hope you will also enjoy the post.

Over to Richa…

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi, My name is Richa. I am a food enthusiast living in Mumbai. A banker turned food blogger and I blog at I love travelling and of course food.

2. What was your inspiration to start your blog

Earlier I used to write reviews of restaurants on Zomato out of interest and for the love of food. I realized that I enjoy doing it, I enjoy clicking pictures of food so thought why not do it in a more organized way. Therefore, I started my blog and started sharing some everyday recipes too on the blog.

3. How would you describe/introduce your blog to the new readers?

My blog is all about food so it is for all the food lovers. Anyone who is interested in reading restaurants reviews of Navi Mumbai or Mumbai is invited to visit my blog. I share simple and everyday recipes on the blog, which can be prepared with the basic ingredients available in any kitchen. So, people interested in cooking will find the blog interesting. Also, I have started to share my travel stories so travel enthusiast will find it interesting too.

4. What do you think as the best and challenging aspects about being a blogger?

Well, the best part about blogging is that it is limitless. There is no end to how creative you can be. You can be experimental, candid, bold and have the freedom to express yourself because it is your space. You can connect with so many like-minded people who share the same interest and passion. And the challenging part, according to me is sticking to a schedule and being regular in blogging. Because regularly posting good content is the key to a successful blog.

5. How would you describe your blogging style?

I still consider myself a newbie as I keep trying new styles to write blog posts. There is no such particular style as of now. (Hopefully I’ll find one soon :))

6. What do you think blogging will look like in next 5 years? Will it still be around?

Blogging is going to be at all new level in next 5 years. I believe it will be much more organized in coming years than today and will develop as an aspiring full-time profession. Even today blogging is not only about blog post, it’s branching into video blogging, micro blogging and so much more.

7. Which part of blogging excites you the most – post writing or photography?

I loveeeeee photography part of blogging. Preparing the dish, styling, clicking pictures, editing is something I enjoy doing. There is so much to learn in photography and you can be as creative and experimental as you want.

8. What is the biggest surprise that you have ever experienced after becoming a blogger?

A post on Instagram surprised me in a pleasant way and that post helped me gain around 200 new followers in a day or two.

9. What has been the toughest criticism and best compliment given to you as a blogger?

I consider myself blessed enough to have received encouraging compliments on my posts. One of the best compliments was from Rashmi Uday Ma’am on one of my pictures. I am yet to receive my toughest criticism, hopefully it will help me improve my work.

10. Would you like to share some words of wisdom or tips for the aspiring bloggers?

It is very important to identify what you are passionate about and blog only about it. Try to be innovative and original, don’t copy paste others work. Keep posting good and regular content on your blog. And yes, good photography is very essential to attract readers to your blog.

It has been a pleasure and great experience to know more about Richa through this interview. I thank her for the time and sharing her thoughts on herself, her blog and much more.

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Interview with a blogger – Kajal of Missbhukkad Blog

It has been a fabulous experience in featuring my first interview with a blogger post earlier on my blog. It was great to know Romila in the earlier post and hope you all enjoyed reading the interview as well.

Continuing the stint I thought of featuring some of the bloggers whom I closely follow and it is Kajal of this time whom I’m featuring as a part of my interview with a blogger initiative. Her blog name, Missbhukkad, is not just about food but also displays her passion for travelling. She is an entrepreneur, wife, fashionista, image consultant and aiming to be a restaurateur soon.

I met her through social media and being a fan of her blog posts I thought of reaching her for this interview post. She is a very friendly person. I enjoy reading her posts and am sure you too will like them. Without doing much delay let’s hear it from Kajal… Over to her!!

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi peeps, I am Kajal. I’m an entrepreneur as well as a blogger and content writer. I run 2 different blogs. One is called Missbhukkad which is for food, travel and lifestyle. 2nd one is known as @bewitching.k; for fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

2. What was your inspiration to start your blog

Blogging was something that intrigued me for quite a while, but I was unsure of how it works. I used to believe bloggers are people who write about things they like and I was unsure if I could do justice to writing. However, last year in September 2016 I just returned from my road trip to Leh and on my way back I was firm that I wanted to know everything about blogging and start with it. After 7 years of working as Managing Director, Sales with total 9 years of corporate experience I finally, with help of Google, got started purely coz of my passion for food at the time. One of my blogger friend was an inspirational factor since that made me feel I could do it too. Every day since has been a new learning experience.

3. How would you describe/introduce your blog to the new readers?

A blog for best of food, travel and lifestyle, spiked with some personal recipes and health quotient.

4. What do you think as the best and challenging aspects about being a blogger?

Best part is such yummy food, so much love from the people, encouragement by fellow bloggers and lots of new friends bonding over food and sharing the same passion.

Challenging aspect would be making sure you give enough time to write. Being creative and engaging with the audience. Dealing with cheesy messages. Doing something new constantly.

5. How would you describe your blogging style?

Very me….simple and easy to understand, but with a taste and class.

6. What do you think blogging will look like in next 5 years? Will it still be around?

With the way the industry of blogging is going, it’s definitely here to stay. The number of bloggers are constantly on the rise every day. Lot of people have started getting into it. People with actual knowledge of their selected field are definitely here to make a mark for themselves.

7. Which part of blogging excites you the most – post writing or photography?

Photography is super fun, making the pic look tempting and drool worthy is definitely the best part. Post writing is fun in its own way. Describing the dish and giving my honest opinion about the taste helps people decide if they’d like to try it for themselves. More number of people are trying it and messaging me saying how much they loved it is absolute happiness.

8. What is the biggest surprise that you have ever experienced after becoming a blogger?

The number of people interested to get other people’s reviews for food or travelling or anything was a surprise. The biggest thing was it actually opened a whole new world to me which I didn’t know existed which is the social media communities. Before blogging the only thing I ever used was Facebook. Also the surprising part was that this is a recognised way of doing business for so many brands it’s not even funny.

9. What has been the toughest criticism and best compliment given to you as a blogger?

Toughest criticism haven’t got much of it really speaking.

Best compliment was when people started saying we love reading your blogs because it makes the dishes come alive (for food) through description, or we can actually visualize the places described in your travel blog, or when people started saving my home remedy beauty tips more than my make-up reviews for reference and asking me to post more of those (for beauty blog).

10. Would you like to share some words of wisdom or tips for the aspiring bloggers?

Get into blogging only if you are really passionate about what you are writing. Don’t see others and jump in the well. Also it’s not as easy as it looks, there is lot of time and efforts that are put into it every day, so be prepared to give your 100%. Also don’t try taking the shortcuts it’ll make you feel good at the start but won’t last long. Make friends, help each other to grow together and enjoy doing what you are doing with all your heart.

I hope you have enjoyed reading the interview and get to know Kajal more. If you have not visited her blog ( yet then visit it soon and explore. You can connect with her through her Twitter handle @missbhukkad

Thank you Kajal for spending time with us and sharing your thoughts. It was pleasure having you!!


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Interview with a blogger – Romila Chitturi

Interviewing someone is not an easy task. But I dared to do that on my blog and this is my first interview post on my blog.

I’m interviewing Romila Chitturi on my blog. I’m glad that she agreed for being interviewed and get featured on my blog. She is an experienced blogger, avid reader, eBook author and a charming personality. She is always ready to help and you cannot ignore her witty tweets and sense of humor. I’m glad to be connected with her through social media.

Without doing much of delay let’s hear it from Romila!!

1. Please introduce yourself to our readers.

Thank you Shamik for having me on your blog. I am honored and happy.

I am Romila, I blog at and can be connected on Twitter @romspeaks. I am a voracious reader, e-books author, devoted coffee-drinker, avid thinker and a fashion lover. I am passionate about music, literature and food. I love travelling. I have been often called as an extremely friendly, helpful and a happy person. My new and third book is a collection of short stories which is out for sale. I have not attempted really big stories. It has been released on Amazon on 25th September 2017. It is titled – Between the pages and other short stories.

2. What is your source of ideas or inspiration for your books and is there any particular process that you follow for your writing?

I believe in planning but all my three books have been just out a plan. I have not followed any process but as I have intentions of writing a full length novel, I am actually now going to follow a complete process right from a central idea, to a mind map, organizing it and planning the chapters in a proper way.  For ideas for my books – the world around me served as inspiration.  My first eBook had me sharing my thoughts on random topics such as antagonists in literature, to blogging, about opportunity doors, greenery to Ghazals. The next eBook had 26 micro poems based on themes very near to me and my new book has stories, where you can learn the strength of emotions between the pages of mixed feelings.

3. If you had to do something differently as a child or teenager to become a better writer as an adult, what would you do?

As a kid reading was my hobby along with coloring and solving puzzles. As I grew up, I picked up writing alongside reading and it was the most different thing I ever did as a teenager which helped me to become the kind of writer/blogger I am today. My reading and writing side was perfectly in order. As an adult with many easy resources to improve my work has been really helpful.

4. What period of your life do you find you write about most often? (Child, teenager, young adult)?

I have written about my childhood memories, teenage experiences and more on my adulthood. I am in my mid 30’s but I don’t think I will ever write about crisis of this age or that of being in 40’s. I find that concept totally irrelevant.

5. If you could spend time as a character from your book who would it be and why?

I like all the stories from my book but if I had to pick one it has to be ‘The stranger’. The story and the character in it is just me. I have a special liking towards Urdu language and given a chance I would enroll myself to learn this language in the university. The character of this story is truly personal to me.

6. What is the biggest surprise that you have ever experienced after becoming a writer or while creating this book?

I will not call it as a surprise but yes I was happy when I received more than 30 positive reviews on my poetry book from readers, bloggers and non-bloggers who took out time to read my work. I have been accepted as a writer (offline) and a blogger (online) and I was expecting to be accepted as an author and it happened. I thank all my readers, fans and admirers. I am nothing without all of you.

7. What has been the toughest criticism and best compliment given to you as an author?

My toughest literary criticism has been that I received hate messages from few bloggers and people who called themselves as my friends.  It was sheer jealousy and irrelevant to my work. These messages made me realize that there are people around me who don’t like me and I am on the right direction.  As I mentioned earlier I received more than 30 positive and best compliments/feedback as an author from my readers, one of them has been you, who has been too good in giving review of my eBook. I wish I could mention all those good words.

8. Tell us little bit about your latest book “Between The Pages & Other Short Stories” and why is it a must read?

My new book is a collection of short stories. They are not really very big ones. The stories are fictional but somewhere down they are related to real people which I tweaked to a story format. If you love reading and if you like me as an author you should read my book and I bet it will not bore you.

9. What is the next that your readers can expect from you – a poetry book, a short story book or a novel?

I have many ideas buzzing in my mind and few scribbled on paper. I do want to experiment with the 200 pages novel idea. I am concentrating on the current short stories book’s promotion and once this gets going, I will surely work on the next.

10. Would you like to share some words of wisdom or tips for the aspiring bloggers and writers?

There is nothing more confusing than being all over the place with your writing. Find one theme you’re passionate about and stick to it.  Niche is important whether you are a blogger or a writer. Poor writing skills are a major disadvantage. Make sure to produce quality writing and avoid grammar/spelling errors.  You need to work on building a strong and sustainable personal brand in order to increase your visibility online. Let’s face it; you won’t become an A-list blogger/writer overnight. It took me more than 10 years to be on this spot where I am right now and not one but many of my posts were not liked/accepted by readers. Please don’t be discouraged when your blog posts do not receive the attention you think they deserve. Be persevering and consistent and acknowledge slow progress in order to keep the flame alive.

Thank you Romila for the interview and giving us your time. It was great to know more about you and am sure our readers have also enjoyed this connect.

You can connect with Romila through her blog and Tweeter @romspeaks.

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