Book Review – Midnight Musings by Novemberschild aka Romila

Book Review – Midnight Musings by Novemberschild aka Romila

It’s been many days since I had posted on my blog due to busy schedule at my workplace.

And there can’t be any better way to make a post of Book Review and that too of an e-Book by Romila aka Novemberschild.

This is her 4th e-Book and I couldn’t miss reading it. I’ve read her previous three e-Books and, I feel, with her every published e-Books Novemberschild aka Romila is becoming even more expressive. Kudos to her method of story-telling and choice of words.

Midnight Musings by Romila aka Novemberschild is a collection of 26 short poetries, which are called Haiku, and a treat for the readers especially if you like reading poetry. This is the first time I’m reading Haiku and I liked reading Romila’s creations. The poetries are short, crisp and treat to read. I especially liked the way Romila portrayed her emotions choosing great language and depicting them in just three lines. The loads of energy in the book will surely be liked by both fiction and non-fiction readers. All the Haikus are great to read but I would like to list a few of them that I personally liked:

  • Envy – Reality in three lines
  • Friends – So true to the fact
  • Light – The celebratory moments
  • Mom – Reflects Romila’s love to her mom
  • Over – A romantic gesture
  • Vagina – The door of new life for a child and the mother too

If you feel time is a constraint, I must mention that this is a very short book and you can complete it on the go. The book surely portrays Novemberschild aka Romila’s love for writing and truly justifies “writing is her forte” as she rightly mentions in the About Me section of the book.

I wish Romila all the best for her new book and congratulations on this milestone. Keep writing!!

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