Beach Destinations near Kolkata

Beach Destinations near Kolkata

This is the second series in the places of interest around Kolkata. When I curated the first post in the series I was very much inspired to do the second post. My aim for curating this series is to capture the beautiful places of interest near Kolkata, which are primarily the popular weekend destinations for the people of Kolkata. I won’t say that I’ve not visited the places listed in this post but would say that I’ve visited few of them. It was long back when I visited Puri, Chandipur, Digha and Mandarmani – rather I would say it was during my childhood days. I love to visit these places but as I stay out of my hometown, Kolkata, and go there for a just couple of weeks on vacation it becomes quite difficult to manage time to visit these places. This post will be exploring some of the popular beach destinations near Kolkata. Let me take you all there and you will find the information in this post useful while making you next travel plan.

Digha: Digha is one of the most popular weekend destinations for the Kolkata people. Being located just about 185 km from the city it has become one of the most frequently visited beach destinations near Kolkata. Digha is the most sort after beach retreat for the Kolkata people. This beach destination is located in East Midnapore district of West Bengal. The beaches of Digha has chains of Casuarina trees, which are treated to the nature lovers. Digha has two locations – Old Digha and New Digha.

Digha Beach
Photo Credit: The Route

Mandarmani: Mandarmani is another very popular and celebrated beach destination near Kolkata. In the last couple of years, the frequent visit of the tourists has made Mandarmani as one of the popular beach destinations near Kolkata. Mandarmani is 163 km drive from Kolkata on the way to Digha and has become an ideal getaway for the city people to take refuge in the lap of nature. Mandarmani beach is a golden sand-laden beach with lush green vegetation. There are numerous resorts and hotels available for you to relax and enjoy your weekend.

Mandarmani Beach
Photo Credit: I Am Blogger

Shankarpur: Located about 185 km from Kolkata, just about 14 km away from Digha, Shankarpur is becoming one of the popular beach destinations near Kolkata. Shankarpur is an utterly serene and comparatively less explored travel destination in West Bengal. If you love to be in a lonely secluded place and enjoy the sheer tranquil voice of the sea then there is nothing better than Shankarpur for you. Shankarpur offers real rejuvenation to its visitors with its blissful seclusion and astounding beauty of nature.

Shankarpur Beach
Photo Credit: Flick River

Bakkhali: If you are looking for a beach holiday but do not want to drive a large distance from the city then Bakkhali is the ideal place for you. It is just about 132 km drive from Kolkata and is an ideal beach destination for the tourists who want avoid commercialization and crowd. Bakkhali is located in the southernmost part of West Bengal and is regarded as the hidden treasure of nature. You can visit the crocodile propagation center and the windmill of Frasergunj here. Take a romantic walk on the serene beach of Bakkhali.

Bakkhali Beach
Photo Credit: West Bengal Tourism Dept.
Junput: About 145 km away from Kolkata, Junput offers you abundant greenery and heavenly tranquility. If you are planning for a relaxing weekend trip, you can choose to go to Junput. There is nothing much activities lined up for you in Junput but just to relax. This beach destination offers you to enjoy the rhythmic sound of the sea waves blended with gentle breeze and lining of Casuarina groves across the sea shore. Junput sea beach is an ideal romantic getaway for the couples. The Kapalkundala temple and the museum of fishery department are the two places that you can explore during your visit.

Junput Beach
Photo Credit: Bengal Weekend

Talasari Beach: The Talasari beach is the perfect escapade for you to relax from the hustle-bustle of the city life. This beach destination is about 191 km away from Kolkata in the West Bengal-Odisha border. The non-chaotic environment, fresh air and eye-soothing natural beauty will be rejuvenating for you. Visit the Chandaneshwar temple and the nearby Udaipur beach while you are here. This is the place where Talasari River Subarnarekha meets the Bay of Bengal.

Talasari Beach
Photo Credit: Holidify

Chandipur: Chandipur, located 265 km away from Kolkata, is a less-crowded seaside retreat for the Kolkata people. You can reach Chandipur by train from Howrah station. Chandipur is located in Baleshwar district in the state of Odisha. The main attraction of Chandipur is its beach, which turns out to look stunning during the ebb tide. This is a natural phenomenon that occurs twice a day leaving a long stretch of beautiful golden sand beach for your treat.

Chandipur Beach
Photo Credit: Another Indian

Puri: When we talk about the popular beach destinations near Kolkata, the list remains incomplete if we don’t mention Puri. It is the most favorite and loved beach destination for the people of Kolkata. It is an overnight journey in train from Howrah station. The famous Shri Jagannath Temple is the primary attraction of Puri. You can also visit the Konark Sun Temple, Nandankanan Zoological Park and Chilka Lake while in Puri. The seafood stalls lined up near the sea shore are heaven for all the foodies. Rath Yatra is the grandest festival in Puri.

Puri Beach
Photo Credit: Odisha Rajya
Sand Art at Puri Beach
Photo Credit: India Tourism
Puri Rath Yatra
Photo Credit: NDTV

I come to an end of this post with some favorite beach destinations near Kolkata. These are some of the beach destinations that are most sort of and loved by the people of Kolkata. Though it looks very tough to make time to go to these places I’m positive that sometimes I will be able to make time during my visit to my hometown to explore these places.

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  1. From the residents of Kolkata I have heard lot more about Mondarmani and Digha. Rest of the places except for Puri, I have read here in your blog. well curated!

    1. Digha and Mondarmoni are the most popular ones among the Kolkata people and Puri is an all-time favorite beach destination.
      Rest of the beach destinations are not very commercialised. Thus you might not have heard about them 🙂

  2. Never been to West Bengal myself. You have described a beautiful set of lovely beaches. The images are eye-catching. If I happen to visit West Bengal I will definitely make a beeline for some of these beeches you have described. #MyFriendAlexa #JaiSReads

    1. Thank you so much for reading my post and sharing your thoughtful comment on this too… I’m glad you liked the post. Please visit these beach destinations on West Bengal and I’m sure you’ll like it. Please share your thoughts after you visit these places.

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