Book Review – A Season for Dying by Sharmishtha Shenoy

I am a big fan of detective stories and movies. I like reading a thriller, murder mysteries and suspense stories a lot and watch the same genre movies too. Satyajit Ray’s Pheluda series is one of my most valuable possession. Sidney Sheldon’s books are also there on that list too. I have read quite a few novels in this genre and the last one for this year is Sharmishtha Shenoy’s Vikram Rana Series. So here let me talk about one of the books in the series A Season for Dying. Review – A Season for Dying The author has not wasted time in building the story and the characters – especially the two main characters – ACP Gopi Reddy and Vikram Rana. As the story progresses the characters evolved more and more. As I go on reading each page, the thrill builds more as what is there on the next page. As I keep on reading and the new characters are introduced it did not take much time to know who and what about the new character. It is well narrated by the author in a short yet effective way making the reader know the character and move on with the story. Now coming to the writing style, I would say any reader does the writing in a very simple language that is easy to understand. Kudos to Sharmishtha keeping the writing style simple for the readers without making them much to think on the meaning of the words. I liked the way Sharmishtha narrated the story depicting the murder incidents happening one after another in the city and the Police along with Vikram Rana investigating, who the killer is. As the story progressed, I also started making my analysis and tried guessing the killer among the crowd of characters. I would surely recommend this book to the readers of detective stories. I am sure you will not get disappointed. A Season for Dying is one of the books in the series. I am looking forward to reading the other two books by Sharmishtha Shenoy in this series.

The Preparation for Durga Pujo – #bloggersdurgapujo

The vibe of Durga Pujo is already highly electrifying in the City of Joy, Kolkata. Being a Bengali residing outside Kolkata during Pujo is highly hurting. And am sure if you are also sailing in the same boat like me would resonate to what I just mentioned. Nevertheless, #bloggersdurgapujo is where I and few of my blogger friends are celebrating the vibe of the biggest festival of the year through some great posts on our blogs – to celebrate Durga Pujo in a different way.

During Durga Pujo, I walk down the memory lane remembering my earlier days during Pujo when I was in Kolkata and used to celebrate Pujo in the quarters campus. My father was in government service and we used to stay in a quarter campus, which was like a family for us.

Pandal Preparation

Kash phool (Saccharum spontaneum) growing every places this time is the sign of the start of the season of Sarat Kal and the festival season. Durga Pujo means fun, food, lights everywhere in the city and for I and my friends in the quarter campus it was the most fun time. The entire city of Kolkata looks like a newly wedded bride in her full getup during her wedding night. In our quarter campus, when we were kids, I still remember the dry bamboo sticks, wooden planks etc. used to arrive sequentially for the making of the pandal. From that day itself, Durga Pujo started for us. The artisans used to come every day in the morning to set up the pandal and they used to work until the dusk. Each passing day as the pandal took its shape it symbolized the onset of the arrival of Maa Durga in our quarter campus. I remember the days in my childhood when my friends and I used to climb and play in the half-done structure of the pandal.

Shiuli phool (Saccharum spontaneum)
Prep for the pandal construction


Shopping for Durga Pujo was kind of a project for my siblings and me and still it’s the same I guess for many. What to wear on what day of the Pujo? When to wear – whether it is a morning or eveningwear? Keeping that in mind I and my siblings used to plan what to buy, where to go for shopping and when to go. While on the shopping spree, we used to visit different shops to choose the best dress or shoes that matches our plan. It was a great fun.

Pandals – decoration and creativity

The final output of more than few months’ of hard work and creativity of the pandal artisans is just astonishing. During Durga Pujo, the entire city comes onto the road – no matter what is the time in the clock. My pandal hopping used to be for at least two days – one day with my friends group and the other day with my family. It used to be the whole night affair and we use to return home only next day morning at 6 AM or so.

Lighting – another creative aspect

Lighting is another intricate part of the entire festival. Pandal hoppers enjoy the lighting as well to the fullest. Every other pandal has different lighting, especially the chandeliers in the pandals. There are so much creativity in this area as well. In some of the pandals in Kolkata like College Square Durga Pujo chandelier is the main attraction for the pandal hoppers.

Idols – Maa Durga

With the decoration, lighting and pandal how could I forget mentioning the huge, fully decorative and creative idols that these pandals house during Pujo. During the time of pandal hopping I used to concentrate on exploring the beautiful and highly creative idols in every pandal. None of the idols matches one another and they are strikingly different from each other. Whether it is Mohammad Ali Park or Mudiali Club or Babubagan Club or Jodhour Park – all the idols are different and gives tough competition to each other. Durga Pujo is like display of creativity in the entire city of Kolkata.

This Durga Pujo I have not had a chance to go to my hometown Kolkata. I will visit some of the Durga Pujo pandals in Bangalore. And also enjoying my stint of Durga Pujo with my fellow blogger friends on #bloggersdurgapujo. I cannot conclude the post without mentioning and crediting my three sisters – Rinka Chatterjee, Poulami Das and Debolina Byabartta. They helped me with the beautiful pictures from Kolkata that has decorated my post and makes it complete.

This post will be incomplete if I do not mention me playing with my friends and the flash fire toy gun, which is the signature aspect of Druga Pujo. When I grew up from that stage, it was more of “adda” with the group until the late night in the pandal in my quarter campus. It used to be talks, singing, fun and much more. That time it was like the clock moves fastest than any other time. How can I forget to mention eating of street food during Pujo, which is like tastiest during Pujo. I still remember I used to tell my mom not to prepare dinner for the 4-5 days as I’ll be eating out. The pushpanjali in Ashtami, wearing Dhuti-Panjabi was a must for that day. Lastly the sad day of “bisorjon” (immersion) in Dasami. It used to be a different mood and environment altogether during the Dasami as Maa is leaving us for a year. We all used to dance to the immersion spot enchanting “asche bochor abar hobe” (it’ll again be done next year). Many other emotions, feelings and nostalgia are running through my mind as I’m writing this post. I’m in loss of words to express them all neither I want to make this post a huge one. I hope I can bestow these feelings and emotions to my next generation and help them live the times of Durga Pujo.

The Excitement of #bloggersdurgapujo Season 2

It was sometime at the beginning of September 2017, I can’t remember the exact date though, I received a message on Twitter from Kuheli sharing her thought of #bloggersdurgapujo and the collaboration. The time we both chatted the name #bloggersdurgapujo was not yet created, it was just a thought without the hashtag. I still remember how excited I was to this thought and glad to be a part of this collaboration. Rahul and Paromita, both from Hyderabad, joined the team. It was just 4 of us. A WhatsApp group was created and we 4 started gathering and planning for the posts, dates, sharing on social media etc. It was fun joining the group and for the first time in my blogging spree, I had been a part of such an exciting collaboration. And when it is about our biggest festival of the year Durga Pujo. The name #bloggersdurgapujo took shape during our WhatsApp brainstorming session. It was great fun for me. Choosing a topic and the day of having the post up on our respective blogs was pretty easy as we were just 4 and we chose 4 days of Durga Pujo when we would post. Rahul also posted a wrap-up post and I covered a few big Pujo in Bangalore and posted a video on my YouTube channel. You can check out the video here. This was the end of the #bloggersdurgapujo collaboration in 2017 but the collaboration among 4 of us continued as we remained in touch in WhatsApp. And that brought us here again together to make #bloggersdurgapujo bigger, brighter and more exciting in 2018 Durga Pujo.

The 2018 #bloggersdurgapujo

The 2018 Durga Pujo is nearing and again it was beginning of September when Rahul, this time, started the conversation for reviving our very own #bloggersdurgapujo. Instantly, the response was yes from all 4 of us, but this time we thought of making it bigger and brighter. The group of participating bloggers for this year’s #bloggersdurgapujo has increased 5 folds with 20 bloggers including myself. This has been incredible experience. This year’s Durga Pujo is going to be different for me and my group of Bengali bloggers from different parts of India where we will capture the essence of Durga Pujo in our own ways. There will be posts on each of our blogs pertaining to varied themes like food, travel, fashion, recipes, pandal hopping, fiction and many more. The #bloggersdurgapujo in this year’s Durga Pujo is the perfect example of “Bigger is better and brighter” and here we come with a bigger and better experience for our readers.

So don’t miss the chance to engage with the hashtag on social media – Twitter, Instagram & Facebook as we all share our experiences. Also, visit the blogs of the participating bloggers to taste the flavors of their recipes to enjoy Durga Pujo 2018.

List of Participating Bloggers

Dr. Amrita Basu (Misra):

Anupriya Gupta: https://he

Esha Chakraborty:

Indrani Ghose:

Kapila Rattan Bhowmik:

Dr. Kuheli Bhattacharya:

Moumita Sen:

Nehal Roy:

Paromita Biswas:

Rahul Basu:

Sayanti Mahapatra:

Shalini Magdel Das:

Shamik Byabartta:

Sharmishtha S Ghosh:

Shruti Dugar:

Siya Bose:

Sonali Chauhan:

Sonia Chatterjee:

Soumosri & Utsab Pal (Couple blogger):

Vasundhara Sarkar:

Durga Puja 2018: A glimpse of this year’s #bloggersdurgapujo

Here I’m starting my Durga Puja 2018 with this year’s #bloggersdurgapujo campaign. This year the start of this much awaited bigger, better and brighter #bloggersdurgapujo will be with a teaser post. Like last year my Durga Puja 2018 will have the essence of #bloggersdurgapujo.

Before I delve more into #bloggersdurgapujo let me talk a bit about my blog.

If you see my blog you can connect why I’ve kept my blog name as The Mixed Flavors. It has posts about everything – cooking, recipes, traveling, reviews, lifestyle and more. There is everything in my blog for every readers and are loved by them all. The newest section on my blog is the Store section, which is my try of recognizing my wife Manasi’s creative side and bring it in front of a larger audience.

Coming back to the super exciting #bloggersdurgapujo campaign, I’m very much excited to be a part of it this year too. It all started last year with just 4 blogger friends – Kuheli, Paromita, Rahul and myself from different cities of India. This year it is coming with larger participants – a bigger and brighter campaign. That means the essence of the festival will be more intense this year.

The aim of this campaign is to share the essence of Durga Pujo, the biggest festival of the Bengali community, with the larger audience. The essence of Durga Puja will be captured by bloggers from different parts of the country and shared in the form of blog posts or vlogs. The Durga Puja 2018 is going to be bit different for me with this campaign.

I hope you all will enjoy and love this campaign like last year. I urge all my readers to follow the #bloggersdurgapujo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Don’t forget to visit the blogs of the participating bloggers and enjoy the essence of Durga Puja in a unique way this time.

I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter #MyFriendAlexa

How to get pure air in your car cabin

Do you have the question in your mind how to get pure air in your car cabin? We all know how important pure air required for a healthy living is. But do we really breathe pure air? The answer is NO. With the huge amount of air pollution blended with the cutting down of trees everywhere at a big pace in the name of urbanization, we are at a great risk of inhaling polluted air every single second. Whether you are traveling in your private car or you are traveling in a public transport or at home – it does not matter air pollution is everywhere.

Some Statistics

According to the global norms the PM 2.5 level particulate matter in the air should be 50. The recent media report showed, in some metro cities in India it reached to an alarming 300 even 400. If you think your home has safe air to breathe, that’s not true. The indoor air is equally harmful and infected with pet hair, pollens, bacteria, viruses and molds. Global data shows every year more than 13 lakh people get affected due to pollution, which indicates that the life span gets shorten by 6 years. Surprisingly, air pollution alone takes about 6 lakh lives. Air pollution is a huge problem, especially when you are traveling.

Solution for the problem at hand

Now coming to the point of purifying the air, yes, there are numerous options available that you can use for purify the air at your home using the air purifiers available in the market and many of us do that too. But what about or have you ever thought of purifying the air while you are traveling in your car? Yes of course not outside but inside your car cabin. You read it right with KENT Magic Car Air Purifier you can purify the air quality of your car cabin.


The new KENT Magic Car Air Purifier is suitable for any kind of car cabin – whether you have a small hatchback or a large SUV. The car air purifier with its three-stage HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestor) Filtration process, which is capable of removal of PM 2.5. The HEPA technology and filter removes almost 99% fine particles and toxic gases. The efficient HEPA filters in KENT Magic Car Air Purifier filters SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) that are present in the indoor air. The Magic air purifier comes with a specially treated activated carbon filter that absorbs any foul smell or odor present in the indoor air. The low-noise operation with user-friendly, convenient and functional design makes KENT Magic Car Air Purifier a choice for the pure air in your car cabin.

Why KENT Magic Car Air Purifier

KENT Magic Car Air Purifier, for its great performance, is used and loved by many customers. The convenient product dimension (161 L X 161 W X 64 H) makes KENT Magic Car Air Purifier a preferred choice for many car owners. The smooth operation of the air purifier is the key to its success in the car air purifier segment. The KENT Magic Car Air Purifier makes you feel the difference in the air quality in your car once installed. After using the convenient and useful device many customers recommend this to their friends and family. The fast operation of the devices not just purifies the air inside your car cabin in minutes but also vanishes the bad odour inside your car that gets generated during the long hours of car doors being locked without any air circulation. KENT has come up with this very innovative, convenient and easy-to-use product that solves the problem of bad air quality for many car owners. The recommendation for the KENT Magic Car Air Purifier is from the real users makes it even more genuine and shows how this product is loved and accepted in the market.

More details about the air purifying product is available in this link

Book Review: Dusk Romantics – The Omen of Love by Neha Siddhwani

This is my first post for #MyFriendAlexa campaign with Blogchatter and I thought of let’s start this year’s campaign with a book review post. This review was long due and what could be the best forum than #MyFriendAlexa to share this across.

This book review post is of Dusk Romantics – the Omen of Love by Neha Siddhwani. I like reading poetries and when I came across this new book in Twitter I thought why not download the copy in the Amazon Kindle and give it a read. After I read the e-book I felt I was right in choosing this book and add it to my repository. Neha has written a collection of 29 love poetries in her first book and are beautifully articulated and are engaging. I would say if you like to read poetries you cannot miss this book.

In the starting of her, e-book Neha has rightly quoted “Some love stories get their destination. And some are just to rejoice for the lifetime.” This quote is so true to the theme of this book. The collection of the beautiful love poems will make you stick to the pages and you cannot wait until you complete one poem and move to the next. Each poem will make you feel what is waiting for you in the next poem. The choice of words and the flow of the poem is what I would say the USP of this book.

If you ask me what would my personal favorites from the list of 29 love poetries, I would say “It’s difficult to choose” as all the poetries are equally enjoyable and enchanting. But there needs to be some that you would keep over another and I’m no exception to that. Here is my list of personal favourites.



Perfect Strangers


Strange Friends

Lonely Nights


One Sided Love


Actually, my list would go on and add all the poems from the book… LOL

Give it a read and I’m sure you will like the poetries too. Do let me know in the comment if you have read the book and your reaction.

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Interview with a blogger – Novemberschild aka Romila

Welcome to yet another interview with a blogger post on The Mixed Flavors.

I’m glad to feature Novemberschild aka Romila for the second time. She is a highly experienced blogger, author, poetess, columnist and a well-knows writer. If you have not read her blog yet I insist to visit her blog. I’m sure you’ll like it.

Recently she has launched her new and 3rd ebook Midnight Musings, which is a collection of 26 Haiku – short poetries. I’ve read the collection and reviewed it on my blog. You can also read it here.

Without taking much of your time, let’s hear it from Romila aka Novemberschild.

  1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

From school magazines to local newspapers to national magazines to websites to   blogs to famous publications, I have written for all. I am an observer. I don’t forget people, incidents, and experiences. I enjoy speaking, binging on desserts especially ice creams, learning, Karaoke singing (no audience pleases), shopping, helping people succeed, anything God created and the rains.

  1. When did you first start writing and when did you finish your first book?

I started writing at the age of 13 in the year 1996 for my school magazine as I was approached by my Hindi teacher Mrs. Rashmi Srivastava who saw the writer in me. I was hesitant as I had never written a single word before that because I was always a reader, but she encouraged and helped me. My first piece was in Hindi on the topic Unemployment which was approved and published and after that my mother discovered a prospective writer in me and she pushed me towards writing. My first ebook took me just 3 months to write and complete.

  1. How do you choose a genre you write in?

 It is completely on basis of my convenience. All my ebooks have been just spontaneous when it comes to the theme/genre.

  1. Where do you get your ideas?

From my surroundings.

  1. Do you ever experience writer’s block?

I don’t believe in writer’s block or waiting for inspiration. If you’re a writer, you sit down and write. When you get writer’s block (or any other creative block) it can be tough to get past it. There are strategies you can use to get the juices flowing. They all have one thing in common: they involve actually doing the work. Why is that? According to author Jodi Picoult, it’s because writer’s block is just another name for procrastination. Just pick up your pen and pad, get to writing.

  1. Do you work with an outline, or just write?

Once I have a theme/genre in mind – you can call it outline; I write and go with the flow. The drafts are always bundles of pages before the manuscript gets finalized.

  1. Is there any particular author or book that influenced you in any way either growing up or as an adult?

Nothing in particular. Every book I have read as a child till today has been of some positive influence in my life.

  1. Can you tell us about your challenges in getting your first book published?

I have been an independent author as I took the indie publishing route. You are your own publisher. You don’t have one. On the inside cover of your book it says: YOU, isn’t that pretty awesome? I am glad I faced no challenges.

  1. Tell us more about your recent creation Midnight Musings.

Midnight Musings is my 4th book- 2nd poetry attempt and first in Haiku. I am happy to call myself a successful poetess.  I experimented Haiku and I am happy with the result. I wrote haiku because I love noticing what’s going on around me and within me. I feel each day offers gifts of insight and moments worthy of contemplation which I tried to bring it alive through my poems.

  1. What was your favorite poem(s) to write in Midnight Musings and why?

V for Vagina

 Here comes the baby!

Oh thou vagina third degree tear.

Pregnancy is fun.

 I have not experienced pregnancy but I wrote about imagining the pain and happiness. It is difficult to write about something you have never practiced in life.

  1. How did you come up with the title?

All the poems I wrote happened between 12am -2am. I write during nights. It took me more than 62 nights to write them and all these nights have been special for me. The most challenging bit was handling Haiku with alphabets Q-X-Z. As always self-brainstorming session helped me crack that challenge – Midnight Musings perfectly got into the vibes, mood and my poems.

  1. What has been the toughest criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?

Toughest criticism – I have not received any criticism but yes people have confessed that they hate my writing talent and are jealous of my success.

Best compliment – You are such a gifted writer and such a warm person, an inspiration to many writers out there including me.  I don’t know you personally but I do want to be like you.

  1. Will you have another new book coming out soon?

Yes. It is ready. It is micro fiction, small cute book. It shall be out in September – the last for the year.

  1. Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

My advice is this to anyone who announces they want to be a writer. Well, for a start, nothing should stop you. You cannot go around saying “I want to be a writer,” you can only go around saying “I am a writer.” All you need is a block of paper and a pencil. Believe in yourself. Sounds super cheesy, I know, but it’s important. Writing is really hard, and you have to put in a lot of work behind the scenes before you see any sort of progress. If you don’t think you can do it, you probably won’t. So stay positive, post little sticky notes with inspirational quotes on your desktop, change your computer’s wallpaper to something that motivates you and keep going. You will face rejection (over and over again) so you need to be your own biggest cheerleader.

  1. Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

 I would want to quote Steve Irwin – Whatever you want to do in this world, it is achievable. The most important thing that I’ve found, that perhaps you could use, is be passionate and enthusiastic in the direction that you choose in life, and you’ll be a winner.

How to Create a Budget Travel Packing List


Traveling the Balkans can be a life-changing experience if you’re prepared. When people plan their journey, they often fixate on the cost of flights, accommodations, and nourishment while overlooking the expense that comes with packing a bag.

From medication to sunscreen, simply packing for a trip can be a huge expense. Fortunately, with careful planning and a little budgeting savvy, you can pack for your adventure without breaking the bank. If you really know what you’re doing, you can even pack to help save on other aspects of your trip.

Here are some helpful tips for creating a budget travel packing list.

Assess Your Baggage

For the experienced traveler, foregoing the use of a suitcase and being able to keep everything in a backpack is the ultimate goal. To do this, you need the right bag. A few considerations to keep in mind when shopping for a backpack are:

  • Size – Will it be accepted on an airplane based on its measurements? Take prices of charter jets into consideration as well. Check the guidelines of multiple modes of transportation.
  • Support – If you’re carrying around your worldly possessions, you want to be sure the weight of your world is distributed along your back and hips properly.
  • Weight – If your backpack is too heavy to be able to pack enough for your trip and still make the airline weight restrictions, you may want to reconsider your purchase.
  • Access – Does your bag open only at the top, or are there different zippers and access panels that will allow you to get what you need without tearing everything apart?
  • Quality – Read the reviews online and see if anyone had trouble with wear and tear in an unreasonable amount of time. You want something durable.

Depending on your travel goals and length of stay, additional luggage may be a necessity. Rather than dragging suitcases with you, consider using a service that will help you with shipping your luggage anywhere. It will be worth the budget adjustment.


Tiny bottles of shampoo and soap add up quickly. Save some money by purchasing empty travel containers from the local dollar store and transferring some of your products from home. Remember to make cuts where you can. Conditioner makes for a great alternative to shaving cream, reducing the need to worry about an aerosol can.

Not only do tiny bottles of goods save packing space, you can take them in a carry-on bag and try to forego taking bulky, costly luggage with you. For a truly economical approach, top up your bottles from the complementary stash of toiletries at the hotels you visit during your trip.

Reusable Water Bottle

Like drinking water at restaurants, bringing a reusable water bottle is a fantastic way to save money during your trip. Believe it or not, bringing your own water bottle could save you hundreds of dollars. Simply fill it up each time you come across a fountain or ask a server at the restaurants you visit to top you off.

A word of caution as you travel: while touring the Balkans you might not run into the same clean water challenges as you would elsewhere, but some areas do present issues. To be safe, make sure you are asking if the water is potable before filling up your bottle.

Laundry Gear

If you plan on staying a few weeks or months, chances are you won’t be packing an outfit for each day of the trip. Bringing laundry gear is not only a great way to prepare for budget traveling, but it also helps drastically reduce the clothing you need to pack. Some must-haves include laundry soap, a travel clothesline, and a dry bag.

Don’t be ashamed to do your laundry in a hotel sink! Hang it on the travel clothesline to dry, and if you must move on before the clothes are entirely ready, throw them in the dry bag and hang them at your next location.

Bedding and Towels

You may think that bedding and towels are standard rights in travel accommodations. In most cases, you are correct. However, many budget hostel options charge extra for bedding and towels and offer ones that look less than sanitary.

Sleeping liners are like a sleeping bag made out of less material. You can get them in a variety of fabrics, including silk and cotton. Like a sleeping bag, they have a closed bottom, preventing anything creepy or crawly from touching your toes at night, which is great if you spend a night camping at Lake Ohrid or Auto Kamp Blagaj.

When you’re packing, avoid spending money on frivolous or excessive gear. Buy what you need and leave the rest at home.

Author Bio:

Wendy Dessler

Wendy Dessler is a super-connector who helps businesses find their audience online through outreach, partnerships, and networking. She frequently writes about travel and focuses her efforts on finding the sunniest places to spend cold winters. She runs a huge influencer marketing site The Blog Frog

Book Review – Midnight Musings by Novemberschild aka Romila

It’s been many days since I had posted on my blog due to busy schedule at my workplace.

And there can’t be any better way to make a post of Book Review and that too of an e-Book by Romila aka Novemberschild.

This is her 4th e-Book and I couldn’t miss reading it. I’ve read her previous three e-Books and, I feel, with her every published e-Books Novemberschild aka Romila is becoming even more expressive. Kudos to her method of story-telling and choice of words.

Midnight Musings by Romila aka Novemberschild is a collection of 26 short poetries, which are called Haiku, and a treat for the readers especially if you like reading poetry. This is the first time I’m reading Haiku and I liked reading Romila’s creations. The poetries are short, crisp and treat to read. I especially liked the way Romila portrayed her emotions choosing great language and depicting them in just three lines. The loads of energy in the book will surely be liked by both fiction and non-fiction readers. All the Haikus are great to read but I would like to list a few of them that I personally liked:

  • Envy – Reality in three lines
  • Friends – So true to the fact
  • Light – The celebratory moments
  • Mom – Reflects Romila’s love to her mom
  • Over – A romantic gesture
  • Vagina – The door of new life for a child and the mother too

If you feel time is a constraint, I must mention that this is a very short book and you can complete it on the go. The book surely portrays Novemberschild aka Romila’s love for writing and truly justifies “writing is her forte” as she rightly mentions in the About Me section of the book.

I wish Romila all the best for her new book and congratulations on this milestone. Keep writing!!

Super99 Retail Stores Offer Value For Your Money

Reviewing an entire retail store is a difficult task – isn’t it? At least I feel that way. Because a retail store has lots of different inventory that caters different customers with different taste. I was planning to review Super99 retail store from long time but was holding myself back to make up my mind so that I can be truthful to my readers. I finally made up my mind and here is my review for Super99 retail store. I’ll review a couple of products that I’ve got from this retail chain. I’ve not visited their physical stores but their online store.

Let’s get some insight and know a bit more about the Super99 retail store then I’ll delve into the products that I’ve got from the store. Super99 retail is one of the leading retail brand that has more than 40 stores in 14 states of India. You get products across the categories like kitchen & dining, toys & games, health & beauty, food & beverages, home & decor, stationery and many more. Shopping in Super99 retail (online or in-store) is a great experience. You get choice of more than 5000 products that starts from as low as a price of Rs. 9 and you get great value for your every penny spent.

Now coming to my experience with Super99 retail store shopping. Though they have two physical stores here in my city of Bangalore I checked them out online and spent quite a good amount of time. My thought was before I travel to their store let me explore their online store or maybe get one or two products online and test. I explored few of the categories in their website and zeroed on a couple of stuffs – a set of two ceramic mugs and a designer glass flower vase.

I Love Moustache ceramic mug set

I liked this ceramic mug set. The very simple yet pretty design of the mugs is what attracted me. It’s a set of two white ceramic mugs along with two small stirring spoons. The quantity that each mug can hold is 150 ml. The price is very much pocket friendly and overall I liked the product at the price of Rs. 179. The packaging of the parcel was also neat and there was no damage to the product in transit.

Designer Glass Flower Vase

This is the second product form the Super99 retail store and the reason for choosing this product is from the home decor perspective. The price for this designer glass vase was Rs. 249. I think the look and quality is completely worth the price. The vase is approx. 6 inches in height. You can see in the pictures how cool the designer glass vase looks. The vase gives a modern and classy look to my living room. The design of the flower vase is pretty unique and I kind of liked it.

Overall it has been a good experience for me visiting the Super99 retail online store and moreover the products that I’ve bought are of good quality. I’m planning for a visit to their store in Bangalore and explore to add more to my experience. I recommend you to pay a visit to their stores and explore the products yourself.