7 Roles in a Woman’s Life

7 Roles in a Woman’s Life

Women are the pioneers of a nation and Indian culture attaches a great importance to women. It is difficult to think a sustainable development in a family without a woman in the house. There are number of roles that a woman plays in her life. Hence it won’t be wrong if we call them the super women. A woman plays multiple roles in her daily life – be it as wife, a mother, an administrator or a leader. From a mother to a wife to a businesswoman to a best friend – a woman is more than just the household queen. She sways in different areas of her life seamlessly. I tried to depict the 7 roles in a woman’s life, particularly in a household, in this post.

As a wife: As a wife she is not only a partner in the house but also a helpmate to her husband and a comrade. She sacrifices her personal ambitions and pleasures and focuses on setting standard of morality along with maintaining peace and order within the household. She plays a pivotal role in creating the environment for her husband to think more about the economic prosperity of the family. In short as a wife she is the inspiration to her husband for the high endeavors and the achievements in life. This is one of the most important one among the 7 roles in a woman’s life.

As mother:  A role of mother is the most important and challenging for a woman. The complete burden of child-bearing and a greater part of rearing a child is borne by the woman in the house. A mother takes the major responsibility to inculcate the sense of orderliness, discipline, honesty etc. in her child. The unconditional love that a mother gives to her child cannot be described in words.

As a daughter: Am sure many people will agree with me that a daughter is a bundle of joy in the household. The distinct aura and chirping nature of a daughter keep the household fill with joy and happiness. I would like to reiterate one thing that a daughter is as precious in the household as a son.

As a sister: As a sister she is your best friend. When a sister is elder she is more like a motherly figure to her siblings. On the other hand when she is a younger sister it is her innocent jokes, lively vibes and jovial nature make the home environment charming and vibrant. As a funny note she is a walking-talking ATM (Any Time Network) when it comes to family gossip.

As a daughter-in-law: This role of a woman comes with more of responsibility. When a woman comes to a house as a daughter-in-law there would be sky high expectation of the members of the house. It is her nature of adaptability that makes her to get adjusted to the new environment, leaving her childhood home, and make the new house her own. This role, according to me, shows how much patient and adaptive a woman can be.

As a friend: Friends play very vital role in our life. A woman’s another role in her life is as a friend. A woman is a friend to whom you can lean on when you are sad, a friend with whom you can share your happy moments and a friend who can guide you through the right path when you are puzzled. If you have a friend who is a jovial and understanding there is nothing like it.

As a grandmother: The most affectionate role that a woman plays is of a grandmother towards her grandchildren. Her loving shelter is the place where you would find the safest place to get away from your father’s anger. She is always at the disposal of her grandchild and is always ready to listen to the concerns. She is the loving medium when you want to put forward a special request to your parents.

As a whole I would like to conclude that a woman is the super power who plays multiple roles in the society and household. The multi-tasking nature of a woman is commendable and that inspired me to curate this post – 7 Roles in a Woman’s Life. There are many others apart from these 7 roles in a woman’s life. It is her adaptive, patient and multi-tasking nature that deserves a big round of applause!!

15 thoughts on “7 Roles in a Woman’s Life

  1. The maternal instinct in every woman is inherent and helps her be a gentle and nurturing force in whatever role she is called to play upon! Generally women can be counted on to have lesser ego/anger and be more calm and rationale in assessing situations! That’s why they can play so many roles with ease!!!

    1. True that… There are numerous roles that a woman play. Since I had to stick to the theme of 7 I had captured the 7 roles of a woman played primarily in the household 🙂
      Please do let me know your thought on the same 🙂

  2. Such multiple roles played by both man and woman to make this society that it is. I just hope woman is seen more of a equal in the many roles she plays

  3. Those are some powerful roles that a woman plays. Though if both man and woman act responsibly, both of them have some very important roles to play in shaping the future generation.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Glad you liked the post 🙂
      I planned this topic as one of the posts for the #BarAThon edition 2 challenge as soon as I saw the theme as 7

  4. Women play variety of significant roles in our society from their birth till the end of life. Even after playing her all the roles and all the job timely in efficient manner in the modern society, she is weak because men are still strongest gender of the society. Even after lots of awareness programmes, rules and regulations in the society by the government, her life is more complicated than a man. She has to take care of herself and family members as daughter, granddaughter, sister, daughter-in-law, wife, mother, mother-in-law, grandmother, etc. By following such a big responsibility in the family, they are fully able to come out and do job for bright future of own, family and country.

    1. Yes Varsha true. I feel that’s the challenge every woman face in her daily life. This is just my try to pay a tribute to the super-power 🙂

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