7 days of Blogging

7 days of blogging – this is the topic I thought to start with in the #Barathon, edition 2. The fortnight-long blogging marathon by Blog-A-Rhythm is going to be fun for sure. I always loved writing and I think this would be a great platform and of course a great enthusiasm for me to carry on with my passion. When I came across the #Barathon, edition 2 I was a bit sceptical as to whether I should take this up and register myself. There was a question in my mind – will I be able to complete the challenge? Even though I would take up the challenge, what topics should I choose to write? I gave a thought for couple of days and finally decided to join in the race for #Barathon, edition 2. Magically many topics ran through my mind and here I’m with my first post in the arena.

The idea of 7 days of blogging marathon is a kick-ass idea in itself. If you are enthusiastic about blogging this idea will surely give you the push to be a part of it. I’m very much excited about this #Barathon, edition 2 and hence started preparing my posts for the activity. This will actually be a testing for me to come out of my comfort zone. The moment I decided to take up this challenge I decided this as well that I need to complete the challenge by posting on all the 7 days and I’m highly positive that I’m going to do that.

Another excitement for me about this 7 days of blogging marathon is that I’ll have the opportunity of reading exciting posts of many other fellow and talented bloggers. I love reading blogs and do not restrict myself to any particular niche. I read blogs from every genre be it food, travel, lifestyle etc. I’m pretty excited about the blogging marathon am sure everyone else too who have already registered for the challenge. Looking forward to have an exciting fortnight of blogging!!


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