7 Stress buster Ideas – Quirky and Quick

It is quite common to feel stressed out in today’s modern life. Whether you are at work or at home or driving a car – different places add up different kind of stress to us. But we need to find out some or the other ways to relieve our stress otherwise it would be difficult for us to lead a healthy life as piled on stress will lead to different kind of health problems hampering our well-being. I thought of 7 stress buster ideas or tips on how you can relieve your stress or at least manage it. I could not find a fun yet effective way to conclude the exciting #BarAThon challenge than sharing 7 stress buster ideas. There are many ways you can choose to relieve or manage your stress but what I’m going to share here are really quirky and quick ideas that I too follow.

Chew gum: This is the simplest way of relieving your stress. Chewing a bubble gum can help you relieve moderate to mild stress. I do it when I feel stressed out. According to researches by the Wrigley Science Institute, Chicago it can help you be more alert and perform multi task. A study has also found that chewing gum also help in reducing the anxiety level in mildly stressed people. This tops my list of 7 stress buster ideas as I do it more often.

Eat chocolate or ice cream: To be honest, this activity is my favorite one. Though I don’t like ice cream much but I can’t stay away from chocolates. Whether I’m a stressed or not I eat chocolate. On a serious note it is seen in the clinical study that eating 40 grams of dark chocolate on daily basis, for two weeks, lower down the stress hormone cortisol among highly stressed individuals. So you have a reason now to buy a pack of chocolate or a tub of ice cream while returning home.

Busting the bubbles on bubble wrap: It is difficult to get a bubble wrap every time you stressed out. But some day you would have ordered something that came wrapped in a bubble wrap. You may find some in your pedestal. When you are stressed, busting the bubbles on the bubble wrap gives you immense relief. You would not know when you have busted all the bubbles. Try it out. It’s fun!!

Do meditation: Meditation is another very effective way of managing stress. You don’t need any particular time to meditate. Whenever you feel stressed do meditation for some time. It will make you feel relax for sure and also calm your mind. Meditation is also highly useful in enhancing your concentration level.

Play with your pet: Do you have a pet at home? There is nothing like it. Play with your pet. This has been proved from a 10-year study that about 4000 Americans found their pets being helpful in relieving stress. I personally had experienced this when I had a Spitz breed dog at my home.

Watch funny baby videos: Have you watched those funny baby videos on internet? They are hilarious and I’m sure those videos will bring smile on your face. I love watching those videos. Whether I’m stressed out or not it is a routine for me to watch some funny baby videos before I go to sleep. It gives me very good sleep.

Hum a tune or listen to your favorite songs: Music is the healer of any kind of stress. Whether you hum your favorite tune or listen to your favorite song they are going to act like a magic. If you know to play a musical instrument that would be even better. I love listening to music and have recently made up my mind to take out my guitar from the closet after many years to play it. No am not any pro in playing the instrument but have started from where I had left.

These are some quick and quirky 7 stress buster ideas that I follow to relieve my stress. And since I’m a foodie, cooking is another stress buster for me and I had always loved cooking. I would like to include one more tip here and that is to talk with someone close to you when you are stressed – that can be your mum, dad, a close buddy, your partner, your siblings or anyone as a matter of fact with whom you love to talk. You would see the magical effect of it. End of the day what matters is to be happy and healthy!!

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7 Roles in a Woman’s Life

Women are the pioneers of a nation and Indian culture attaches a great importance to women. It is difficult to think a sustainable development in a family without a woman in the house. There are number of roles that a woman plays in her life. Hence it won’t be wrong if we call them the super women. A woman plays multiple roles in her daily life – be it as wife, a mother, an administrator or a leader. From a mother to a wife to a businesswoman to a best friend – a woman is more than just the household queen. She sways in different areas of her life seamlessly. I tried to depict the 7 roles in a woman’s life, particularly in a household, in this post.

As a wife: As a wife she is not only a partner in the house but also a helpmate to her husband and a comrade. She sacrifices her personal ambitions and pleasures and focuses on setting standard of morality along with maintaining peace and order within the household. She plays a pivotal role in creating the environment for her husband to think more about the economic prosperity of the family. In short as a wife she is the inspiration to her husband for the high endeavors and the achievements in life. This is one of the most important one among the 7 roles in a woman’s life.

As mother:  A role of mother is the most important and challenging for a woman. The complete burden of child-bearing and a greater part of rearing a child is borne by the woman in the house. A mother takes the major responsibility to inculcate the sense of orderliness, discipline, honesty etc. in her child. The unconditional love that a mother gives to her child cannot be described in words.

As a daughter: Am sure many people will agree with me that a daughter is a bundle of joy in the household. The distinct aura and chirping nature of a daughter keep the household fill with joy and happiness. I would like to reiterate one thing that a daughter is as precious in the household as a son.

As a sister: As a sister she is your best friend. When a sister is elder she is more like a motherly figure to her siblings. On the other hand when she is a younger sister it is her innocent jokes, lively vibes and jovial nature make the home environment charming and vibrant. As a funny note she is a walking-talking ATM (Any Time Network) when it comes to family gossip.

As a daughter-in-law: This role of a woman comes with more of responsibility. When a woman comes to a house as a daughter-in-law there would be sky high expectation of the members of the house. It is her nature of adaptability that makes her to get adjusted to the new environment, leaving her childhood home, and make the new house her own. This role, according to me, shows how much patient and adaptive a woman can be.

As a friend: Friends play very vital role in our life. A woman’s another role in her life is as a friend. A woman is a friend to whom you can lean on when you are sad, a friend with whom you can share your happy moments and a friend who can guide you through the right path when you are puzzled. If you have a friend who is a jovial and understanding there is nothing like it.

As a grandmother: The most affectionate role that a woman plays is of a grandmother towards her grandchildren. Her loving shelter is the place where you would find the safest place to get away from your father’s anger. She is always at the disposal of her grandchild and is always ready to listen to the concerns. She is the loving medium when you want to put forward a special request to your parents.

As a whole I would like to conclude that a woman is the super power who plays multiple roles in the society and household. The multi-tasking nature of a woman is commendable and that inspired me to curate this post – 7 Roles in a Woman’s Life. There are many others apart from these 7 roles in a woman’s life. It is her adaptive, patient and multi-tasking nature that deserves a big round of applause!!

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7 World Heritage Sites In India I Traveled

Travelling is in my blood. I just can’t sit at home for a long time. It is mandatory for me to go out on a travel at least three times a year. I generally make plans at the begging of the year for that year’s travel – travel destination, dates, logistics, time period for travel, places to visit there and many other aspects. I’ve also been into many unplanned travel spree as well. Those travels were all of short duration – may be for 2-3 days. I’ve planned this post as one of the topics for the #BarAThon edition 2 and I chose to feature 7 world heritage sites in India, identified by UNESCO, where I’ve travelled.

Elephanta Caves: The Elephanta Caves trip was a fabulous one. It was 2016 January when I went for Mumbai trip. Elephanta Caves was at the top of my list. The journey through the Arabian Sea in a ferry from the Gateway of India was an incredible journey. It takes about an hour to reach but that journey was worth. The ticket price was Rs. 120 for a return trip. The caves have stone carvings of Three-headed Shiva, Ardhanarishvara, Shiva-Parvati on Kailash and many others. You can enjoy a toy train ride at the Elephanta from the ferry point to the entrance of the cave. Elephanta Cave is one my favorites in the list of 7 world heritage sites in India.

Mahabalipuram: I travelled to this UNESCO World Heritage site in 2015 February. I went from Pondicherry via East Coast Road. The journey was great as the road was pretty good. Visiting Mahabalipuram was a great experience. The ruins of the temples and monuments of the Pallava dynasty built during the 7th and 8th centuries were simple mesmerizing. The Shore Temple, Pancha Rathas, Varaha Cave Temple, Krishna’s Butterball and the carvings depicting the Descent of the Ganges were a treat to explore.

Konark Sun Temple: Konark Sun Temple is an UNESCO World Heritage Site in India located in Odhisha. It is very near to one of the famous beach destinations Puri. I loved visiting this place. The name Konark is derived from two Sanskrit words – Kona (angle or corner) and Ark (the sun). The temple is dedicated to Sun God Surya. The Sun Dial at the temple is one of the great attractions of the temple complex. It is a must visit place if you are going to Puri.

Sundarbans National Park: My trip to Sundarbans was couple of times. It was during the early 2000 when I visited this natural mangrove. The name of the place is because of the mangrove plants Sundari. I love jungle safari and when this trip was getting planned I was very excited. The best time to visit Sundarbans is during November to March as the weather remains cool. There are many travel planners in Kolkata organize a 2-3 days trip to Sundarbans. You can also avail the West Bengal Tourism Board services for a lovely Sundarbans trip. If you are lucky enough you can spot the Royal Bengal Tiger quenching its thirst on the bank of the river. Because of my love for jungle safari Sundarbans has made to my list of 7 world heritage sites In India that I had traveled.

Basilica of Bom Jesus: Goa is my favorite travel destination of all time. I had been to Goa more than I have visited other places. I truly don’t need a plan to visit Goa. My visit to Basilica of Bom Jesus was during my Goa visit in 2011 February. The place is one of the attractions in Goa that you cannot afford to miss. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of my favorite spots in Goa. The basilica houses the mortal remains of St. Francis Xavier. The exterior of the plain architecture of the basilica is un-plastered but the beauty of it does not get fade away with its outer appearance.

Old Goa: The Old Goa is the historical city situated in the North Goa district of Goa, which was constructed by the Bijapur Sultanate in the 15th century. It was the capital of Portuguese India during the 16th and 17th centuries. It was great experience altogether when I visited Old Goa. The houses in Old Goa have that olden day’s touch with the touch of the authentic Goan culture. Some of the famous churches of Old Goa are the Basilica of Bom Jesus, Church of St. Francis of Assisi, Chapel of Saint Cathrine ad Se Cathedral.

The Mahabodhi Vihar: My visit to Mahabodhi Vihar, Bodh Gaya was long ago, during my school days. But I still remember that trip. Mahabodhi Vihar is a must see place if you like travelling and like to explore different places and culture. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a Buddhist Temple that is marked as the location where Gautam Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. Bodh Gaya is just 96 km drive from Patna.

This post of 7 world heritage sites in India is just a glimpse of these places. I would be featuring separate posts for each of these places covering more information.

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7 Sacred Rivers of India

India is known as the land of rivers. There are many rivers that flow through the Indian soil as its veins and nerves and the water flows through these rivers is like blood. When we say rivers in India there are many names come to our mind – Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra and many more. The province of Punjab itself has five famous rivers named Chenab, Jhelum, Ravi, Sutlej and Beas. Every river in Punjab carries its own symbolic importance and significance.

Different rivers have different significance and this post is about 7 sacred rivers of India. These rivers carry traditional importance and also has special place for religious practices. Among the 7 sacred rivers of India the confluence of three sacred rivers – Ganga, Yamuna and the mythological Sarasvati River – Triveni Sangam in Allahabad is of great religious importance. This place is the site for the historic Kumbh Mela that occurs every 12 years and ensembles the gathering of the Sadhus or the holy men from all over India for the holy bath in the Sangam.

River Ganga: Ganga is the most sacred as well as the longest river in India. The river originates form Gomukh (Mouth of Cow) in the Himalayas and flows into the Bay of Bengal. Ganga is also called the National River of India and also the Gange dolphins are called as the National aquatic animal of India. The river has two major dams – the Haridwar dam and the Farakka barrage. One of the longest road bridges in India, Mahatma Gandhi Setu, is also built on Rive Ganga in Patna. Ganga is also called as Hooghly River or Bhagirathi as it flows through the province of West Bengal. Ganga is the most important one as far as 7 sacred rivers of India is concerned.

River Ganga at Varanasi
Photo Credit: Travel A Ease

River Yamuna: Yamuna is a major river of Indian subcontinent. The river originates from Yamunotri, again in the Himalayas, and merges with the Ganga River at the Triveni Sangam. Yamuna River has a great significance as far as Hindu religion is concerned because of Gokul and Mathura located on the other banks of the river. One of the Seven Wonders of the World, Taj Mahal, is situated on the bank of Yamuna.

River Yamuna behind Taj Mahal
Photo Credit: Share Your Essays

River Sarasvati: Sarasvati River is a mythological river that is believed to be flown in the ancient ages, primarily during the Vedic era. The river does not have a physical existence today. But it is believed that the river flows underground and meets Ganga and Yamuna in the Triveni Sangam in Allahabad.

River Saraswati at Bhimpul
Photo Credit: Indiamike

River Narmada: Narmada River is another holy river in India that originates from the Maikala ranges in Amarkantak, Madhya Pradesh. The river flows between the Vindhya and Satpura ranges and gets merged with the Gulf of Khambhat or Gulf of Cambay, a tributary of Arabian Sea. The valley has several waterfalls. Dhuandhar & Kapiladhara are renowned waterfalls in the valley. The Omkareshwar temple – dedicated to Lord Shiva – is located on the Narmada river bank.

River Narmada at Omkareshwar
Photo Credit: YoGoYo

River Kshipra: This is another holy river in India and is also called as Shipra River. The river rises from the Vindhya Range and flows across the Malwa Plateau to joins the Chambal River. The holy city of Ujjain is situated on the on the right bank of the river and is famous for one of the 12 Jyotirlingas, the Mahakaleshwar.

River Kshipra at Ujjain
Photo Credit: Travel Planet

River Godavari: The holy river Godavari originates in Trimbak near Nasik and flows towards the Eastern Ghats to finally merge with the Bay of Bengal. Godavari is the second largest river in India and is considered to be one of the big river basins in the country. Godavari is the longest river in south India and is popularly referred to as Dakshin Ganga or the Ganga of the South. The largest earthen dam in India, Jayakwadi dam, is built on this river in Maharashtra.

River Godavari
Photo Credit: Freaky Folks

River Kaveri: Cauvery or Kaveri River is extremely popular and a very sacred river in south India. Kaveri River originates from the Brahmagiri Hills and flows to join the Bay of Bengal. The holy river travels through the heartland of the two southern states – Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. An important dam – Mettur dam – is constructed across this river. The beautiful and second biggest waterfalls of India, Shivasamudram falls, is on this river.

River Kaveri at Talakadu
Photo Credit: TripAdvisor

These are the main as well the 7 sacred rivers of India. All these beautiful water bodies are scattered in the different parts of our country and acting as the lifeline for our country.

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7 World Cuisines I Like

Good food has always been a weakness for me. I’m a big foodie and love to eat different kinds of food and cuisines. I love tasting the local cuisines whenever I go on a travel to get the experience of different kinds of local cuisine. Since I’ve traveled different parts of India, I’ve tasted many regional cuisines of those places. Yes of course some there were some dishes I did not like but that did not hold me back to taste different cuisines. This post is about 7 world cuisines that are close to my taste buds. I tried these seven cuisines in some or the other specialty restaurants in my city itself and did not have to travel to those countries to try out the cuisines.

Indian Cuisine: This post would not be enough to completely describe India cuisine. The diverse variety of taste makes it unique from the rest of the cuisine. The varieties of Indian cuisine ranges from flat-tasted recipes to very rich and spicy ones. Whether you want to have veg or non-veg delicacies both will give immense pleasure to your taste buds. The India cuisine tops my list of 7 world cuisines

Chinese Cuisine: I’m a big fan of Chinese cuisine and hence have included this in my list of 7 world cuisines. I take trips to Chinese specialty restaurants pretty often or may be order it home too. There are eight Chinese cuisines that ranges from light and sweet delicacies from Jiangsu or Zhejiang provinces to hot and spicy delicacies from Sichuan or Hunan provinces. I’m not very fond of sweet delicacies and I generally choose delicacies that are hot and spicy.

Thai Cuisine: Thai cuisines carry a great blend of detail, balance and variety. You can get lightly prepared dishes as well as highly aromatic and spicy ones in Thai cuisine. There is no room for simplicity in Thai cuisines. According to Thai chef McDang Thai cuisines demonstrate intricacy, texture, color, attention to detail and taste. He also stresses that the ingredients that are used in Thai recipes not just give them great taste but are of medicinal benefits as well.

Italian Cuisine: When we talk about Italian cuisine – the two most popular names that come to our mind are pizza and pasta. But there are many other stuffs in Italian cuisine too. You can see notable regional diversity in the Italian cuisine, especially from the north and south Italy. Coffee has become a major staple element in Italian cuisine, especially espresso. The main characteristic of Italian cuisine is the simplicity of the dish. Many of the Italian delicacies have only four to eight ingredients. However, that does not compromise on the taste of the dishes.

Continental Cuisine: Continental cuisine is the food type that is eaten in the European countries. The process of cooking and the ingredients used in this cuisine makes it different from the other cuisines. The main ingredients in Continental cuisine include thyme, oregano, rosemary, cheese and the most important one is olive oil. And the processes that are primarily used for cooking is fast cooking or baking.

Spanish Cuisine: Spanish cuisines are highly influenced by the regional cuisines of Spain with particular historical processes that shaped the culture as well as the society in those regions. The ingredients used in Spanish cuisines and also the cooking process are greatly influenced by the climate and geography of the country. There are great number of traditional Spanish meals. Andalucia, Balearic, Cantabria, La Rioja, Madrid and Valencia are few among them.

Indonesian Cuisine: Indonesian cuisines are regarded as one of the most colorful and vibrant cuisines in the world. The Indonesian cuisines are highly diverse and full of intense flavors. Rice, wheat and starchy tubers like potato, sweet potato, yam etc. are the staples in Indonesia. You can see usage of spices like nutmeg or mace, pandan leaves, clove, galangal and keluwak in Indonesian cuisines, which are the native spices of Indonesia.

These are the 7 world cuisines in my list of liking. I’ve tasted all these 7 cuisines personally. It’s not only that I had visited the specialty restaurants to taste these cuisines, I’ve prepared some or the other dishes from each of the cuisines.

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KOLKATA SERIES 5: Places you must see in Kolkata

First of all thank you so much giving so much love to my posts in this series. I’m glad that my posts could be of value addition to you in terms of knowing my city, Kolkata, in as better way. This acts as enthusiasm for me to go on with the series. This is the fifth post in the Kolkata Series – Places you must see in Kolkata and interestingly this post would mostly be towards the popular shopping destinations in the city. Kolkata has many shopping places – both malls and flea markets. The shopping places are regarded as the paradise of the shoppers because of its cheap price and room for bargaining with the sellers. I’m pretty bad at bargaining though. But that does not stop to go to these interesting and exciting shopping places in my city. Whenever I go to my hometown, I ensure that I take a tour to these places at least once.

I’ll take you to a tour of few places you must see in Kolkata, which are primarily popular shopping destination in the city. Without taking much of your time let’s get going.

Gariahat Market: If you ask anyone in Kolkata what places that you can go for shopping, the first name that you will hear is Gariahat Market. This market is kind of a lifeline for the flea market shoppers. Gariahat market is a street shopping paradise for any shopper. The market has both street vendors and renowned showrooms. You can shop here in Gariahat market till your last breath. You can get crockeries, clothes, accessories and many other stuffs in this market. It is a must visit place when you are in Kolkata.

Gariahat Market (Photo Credit: WhatsUpLife)

Gariahat Market (Photo Credit: Neptune Holidays)

College Street Book Market: College Street is one of the most places you must see in Kolkata as well as a busy places in the city. The identity of College Street is bestowed upon the presence of many colleges here and also the small and big book shops. The street is otherwise also known as Boipara (Books Colony). College Street is the paradise for book lovers as one can hover numerous small and big book stores including some renowned publishers’ office as well. If you are book lover you cannot afford to miss visiting College Street.

College Street Book Market (Photo Credit: The Urge To Wander)

College Street Book Market (Photo Credit: Padhaaro)

Burrabazar Market: The Burrabazar Market is the regarded as the lifeline of the city in terms of the wholesale market. The huge area of Burrabazar is filled with wholesale shops of clothing, accessories, spices, plastic materials and many others. The huge market is sub-divided into many sub-markets according to the specialised goods available. This market is mostly visited by those who want to buy stuffs in bulk. You get stuffs at very cheap rate compared to other parts of the city.

Scene of Burrabazar Market (Photo Credit: Wikimedia)

Esplanade Market/New Market: Esplanade Market is another places you must see in Kolkata as far as flea market destination in the city is concerned. The area is full of shops whether it is clothing, accessories, luggage and of course you can get large number of street food stalls offering lip-smacking street food. One of the prominent market in the Esplanade (Dharmotola) area is New Market, which is an enclosed market housing many shops. You can get wide variety of stuffs in this market.

A Stall in Esplanade Market (Photo Credit: Whats Hot)

A Stall in New Market (Photo Credit: Whats Hot)

South City: Till now we were seeing flea market options in Kolkata. It would be injustice if I don’t include a popular shopping mall in this post. South City Mall is one such popular shopping mall in Kolkata. This mall is located in Prince Anwar Shah Road in south Kolkata and is extremely popular among the city locals. It is the largest shopping mall in Kolkata. You must visit the mall to feel the vibe.

South City Mall from Outside (Photo Credit: Wikipedia)

Inside view of South City Mall (Photo Credit: Flickr)

I’ll conclude this post here. The last one in this series is coming up soon. Keep reading and keep sharing your thoughts!!

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My List of 7 Movies

This topic is very close to my heart. Movies – this name itself carries a great importance to me. I can call myself a movie freak and my weekends are never complete without movies. I love watching movies. Am sure there numerous people on this earth who love watching movies and of course their tastes differ. It is not necessary that the move that one person likes would be liked by the others. It’s completely a personal choice. This post is about my list of 7 movies.

I’ve seen many movies till date and to be honest the language never became a barrier to enjoy a great movie. I’ve watched movies in German, Korean, Spanish, Cantonese, French and many others in terms of international language. Likewise I’ve watched many movies in Indian regional languages too. You might be thinking do I know so many languages – not at all. Subtitles were there for the rescue. The aim behind the post is to share my list of 7 movies with all the movie lovers.

Perfume: This movies one of my personal favorites. This psychological thriller is a completely different one in this genre. I’ve seen many psychological thrillers but this movies is at a different level for me. The way the story is depicted of a psycho guy who is mad about scent and searching for that one scent is commendable.

Pearl Harbor: I think this movie has been in the favorite list of many of the movie lovers. The incredible direction blended with excellent camera work makes this movie a treat to watch. The love triangle is the added punch to this drama.

Titanic: Who can forget this James Cameron movie? I remember I was in school when this movie was released. The movies is beyond words for me. I still love watching Titanic even today. I cannot change my TV channel if this move is airing.

3 Idiots: This fun, drama movies is one of the greatest movies in the recent times. 3 Idiots surely will make you remember your college days. Though the movie is fun, it gives a great learning as well.

Sholay: The greatest movie of all time for me. The action scenes in Sholay are just beyond description. It is a 1975 movie and that time movie with so much happening stuffs was beyond imagination. I still love watching this movies whenever it comes on TV.

Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge: A romantic classic of the 1990’s. This is another movie that is very close to my heart. The special call out for this movie is the music of this movie. The songs still rule the hearts of the music lovers.

The Others: I love watching horror movies and The Others is one of those horror movies that I can’t forget. More than a plot it is the mood of the movie that attracted me. The acting of Nicole Kidman along with her two children is just awesome.

I had highlighted seven movies that are on my list – though there are many others which I enjoyed and cherished watching – these seven I thought would be apt for this post.

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7 days of Blogging

7 days of blogging – this is the topic I thought to start with in the #Barathon, edition 2. The fortnight-long blogging marathon by Blog-A-Rhythm is going to be fun for sure. I always loved writing and I think this would be a great platform and of course a great enthusiasm for me to carry on with my passion. When I came across the #Barathon, edition 2 I was a bit sceptical as to whether I should take this up and register myself. There was a question in my mind – will I be able to complete the challenge? Even though I would take up the challenge, what topics should I choose to write? I gave a thought for couple of days and finally decided to join in the race for #Barathon, edition 2. Magically many topics ran through my mind and here I’m with my first post in the arena.

The idea of 7 days of blogging marathon is a kick-ass idea in itself. If you are enthusiastic about blogging this idea will surely give you the push to be a part of it. I’m very much excited about this #Barathon, edition 2 and hence started preparing my posts for the activity. This will actually be a testing for me to come out of my comfort zone. The moment I decided to take up this challenge I decided this as well that I need to complete the challenge by posting on all the 7 days and I’m highly positive that I’m going to do that.

Another excitement for me about this 7 days of blogging marathon is that I’ll have the opportunity of reading exciting posts of many other fellow and talented bloggers. I love reading blogs and do not restrict myself to any particular niche. I read blogs from every genre be it food, travel, lifestyle etc. I’m pretty excited about the blogging marathon am sure everyone else too who have already registered for the challenge. Looking forward to have an exciting fortnight of blogging!!


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KOLKATA SERIES 4: Places you must see in Kolkata

I am back with Series 4 of the Kolkata Series. By this time you might have a grand tour of Kolkata through the last three series. If you have not, then I strongly recommend to take the tour. I’ve the links of the last three series at the end of this post.

Without taking much time let’s start the tour. In this post we will again see some of the renowned and popular places of the city. The city of Kolkata has many things to offer – be it a relaxed day at your home or wandering down the street to explore every nuke and corner of the city or your craving for enjoying the delicious street food that you get here. You have everything in one place. This post will cover some of the refreshing places in Kolkata.

Eco Park: The otherwise known as New Town Eco Park is an urban park on 480 acres of land in the Rajarhat area of Kolkata. The park is surrounded by 140 acres of waterbody bearing an island in the middle. The park is the conceptual creation of Ms. Mamata Banerjee, Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal. The park has three broad zones – ecological zones, theme gardens & open spaces, and urban recreational spaces. Timing for the park is 2:30 PM. to 8:30 P.M from Tuesday to Saturday and 12 Noon. to 8:30 P.M on Sundays and other public holidays. Eco Park is closed on Monday for maintenance.

Eco Park (Photo Credit: TripAdvisor)

Eco Park (Photo Credit: What’s Up Life)
Nicco Park: If you want to visit an amusement park in Kolkata, there cannot be anything better than Nicco Park. It is one of the most popular destinations among the city locals. Nicco Park is located in the Salt Lake City area. The amusement park offers family-friendly recreation activities and also educative entertainment. The park is situated on 40 acres of land with 35 different attractions. Nicco Park is referred to as Disneyland of West Bengal and has served 24 million visitors till date. It is open on all the days round the year except a holiday on Holi festival.

Nicco Park Entrance (Photo Credit: Expedia)

Aquatica: Aquatica is a water theme park in Kolkata situated on 17 acres of land. This water park is one of the most popular destinations for the locals. The park is located in Kochpukur near Rajarhat New Town area. The water park houses very exciting water attractions that attracts thousands of visitors every day. Aquatica is a must see destination when you are in Kolkata.

Aquatica Entrance (Photo Credit: WYPages)

Aquatica (Photo Credit: WYPages)

Science City: The Science City Kolkata is the largest science center in India. It is under the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Ministry of Culture under Government of India. The Science City Kolkata is quiet a popular attraction in the city. It houses attractions and exhibitions related to science. Dynamotion Hall, Earth Exploration Hall, Space Odyssey and Maritime Centre are some of the galleries in Science City.

Science City (Photo Credit: TourMet)

Alipore Zoo: If you are in Kolkata and have not visited Alipore Zoological Garden then you would have missed a big thing. Alipore Zoo is the oldest zoological park in India and is a big tourist attraction in the city. It was opened in 1876 and is situated on 46.5 acres land. The zoo came into limelight as the house of Aldabra giant tortoise named Adwaita, which was 250 years on 2006 during its death. The zoo has seen over 3 million footfalls in 2016 with 81000 visitors during Christmas and New Year. The zoo houses a wide range of fauna including African lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, jaguar, great Indian one-horned rhinoceros, Grant’s zebra, reticulated giraffe and many more.

Alipore Zoo Entrance (Photo Credit: Mapio)

Millenium Park: Millenium Park is a private park in Kolkata that is situated on the eastern shore of the Hooghly River on Strand Road. You can relax in some landscape gardens and there are some children’s amusement rides as well. The park is open from 11 AM to 8 PM.

Millenium Park Entrance (Photo Credit: MakeMyTrip)

Inside Millenium Park (Photo Credit: TripAdvisor)

Birla Industrial and Technological Museum: The museum otherwise known as BITM is a science and technology museum under the National Council of Science Museums (NCSM), Ministry of Culture under Government of India. The 3D film show on Lost World and the Coal Mine are the most popular attractions in the museum. Apart from Birla Industrial and Technological Museum also has galleries like Biotechnology, Electricity, Life Science, Mathematics and many others. Museum is open every day from 10 AM to 5:30 PM. The museum remain closed only on days of Holi and Diwali.

BITM Entrance (Photo Credit: TripAdvisor)

Mock Up Coal Mine in BITM (Photo Credit: All Things Coolkata)

Here we come to an end of this series. Hope you have liked reading this post and could gain some information out of it. This series will continue further with few more as there are many other attractions that you cannot miss. Till then happy reading and happy exploring of Kolkata.

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KOLKATA SERIES 3: Places you must see in Kolkata

Here comes Series 3. It feels great while I pen down the most popular visiting places in my city, Kolkata. As the last two series received good viewership, I got enthusiasm to continue the series. There will be few more coming up after this. I feel I’m walking down the places while I write about them in my posts. It gives me an immense feeling of being at home, even though I’m out of my home town.

Without taking much of time let’s start the Kolkata Series 3. This post will capture some of the famous religious places in Kolkata. These important religious places in the city are in the list of famous tourist attractions in the city.

Dakshineswar Kali Temple: Dakshineswar Kali Temple is one of the popular religious places for the Hindus. It was founded by Rani Rashmoni in the middle of the 19thCentury. This famous temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali and is located on the eastern banks of river Hooghly in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal. Goddess Kali is worshipped in this temple in the name of Maa Bhavatarini. Apart of the main deity the temple campus also has 12 shrines dedicated to different forms of Lord Shiva and a temple to Radha-Krishna.

Photo Credit: www.thousandwonders.net

Photo Credit: www.tripadvisor.com

12 Siva Lingas In Dakshineshwar Temple

Belur Math: When visiting Dakshineswar Kali Temple it becomes almost mandatory to visit the popular Belur Math too, which is just 4 km from the Dakshineswar bus stand. The popular Belur Math was founded by Swami Vivekananda, chief disciple of Shri Ramkrishna Paramahamsa, on the west bank of river Hooghly. It is the headquarters of the Ramakrishna Math and Mission, one of the significant institutions in Kolkata. The architecture of the temple makes it highly notable as it depicts the unity of religions. The architecture fuses the motifs of Hindu, Islam and Christianity.

Front view of Belur Math

Kalighat Kali Temple: Kalighat Kali Temple is another Hindu temple in Kolkata that is dedicated to Goddess Kali and is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. The temple is located on the banks of a small canal, known as Adi (old) Ganga, which connects to Hooghly River and was the original course of the sacred river.

Photo Credit: www.flickr.com

Photo Credit: www.flickr.com

Birla Mandir: This temple is another tourist attraction in Kolkata. The temple is built by industrialist family – the Birla and is located in Ballygaunge in Kolkata. Birla Mandir houses the statues of deities Radha and Lord Krishna and was opened for the devotees on 21 February 1996. The temple is open for public from 5.30 AM to 11 AM and 4.30 PM to 9 PM.

Photo Credit: www.journeymart.com

St. Paul’s Cathedral: You cannot miss visiting St. Paul’s Cathedral, Kolkata when you are in the city. It is an Anglican cathedral that is highly noted for its Gothic architecture. The cornerstone of the cathedral was laid in 1839 and the building of the cathedral was completed in 1847. It is the first Episcopal Church in Asia and the largest one in Kolkata.

Photo Credit: www.whatsuplife.in

Photo Credit: photo.webindia123.com

Nakhoda Mosque: Nakhoda Mosque is the principal mosque in Kolkata. It is located in the Chitpur area of the business district of the city, Burrabazar, in Central Kolkata. The architecture of the mosque is an imitation of mausoleum of Akbar, the Mughal Emperor, at Sikandra, Agra. The Nakhoda Mosque was completed in 1926 and the prayer hall of the mosque can accommodate 10,000 people at once.

Photo Credit: www.deckleedge.info

 Pareshnath Jain Temple: The temple is otherwise known as Calcutta Jain Temple. Pareshnath Jain Temple is one of the major tourist attractions in Kolkata. The temple was built by Rai Badridas Bahadoor Mookim in 1867 and the entry to the temple was allowed to only the Jains in 2012. The entire temple is dedicated to Parshwanath, the 23rd Jain Tirthankar, and is worshipped by the Jains. The complex has 4 different temples

  • Shitalnath Ji Temple dedicated to Shitalnath Bhagwan
  • Chandraprabhu Ji temple dedicated to Chandraprabhuswami Bhagwan
  • Mahavir Swami Temple dedicated to Sri Mahavir Swami
  • Dadawadi, which has the footprints of Jain Acharya Jin Dutt Kushal Suri
Photo Credit: piyuk.blogspot.in

Here we come to the end of this series. I’ll be back with the next series soon. Till then keep reading this series and share your thoughts by posting your comments.

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