SEO in a New Avatar

For SEO, keywords available on the web pages are important along with the text embedded in the link. However, the search engines now looking for the branding of the website, behavior of the visitors and also the social interaction. This concept is named as SEO in its new Avatar. Google has introduced a new feature called Panda update, which includes the branding as well as the visitor behavior when they are searching for any content. Though the new Panda feature is included, it may tend to miss assessing the data sometimes. But there is Google’s main algorithm that takes care of it. Hence branding, behavior and social collectively forms the new Avatar of SEO.

Let’s have a look at these three aspects in little more detail.

Website Branding
There are sayings that search engines generally does not look for branding. However, eminent personalities in the search engine arena seem to disagree with that. As per their thinking there is nothing harm in branding. In fact branding is a solution rather than a problem. There are few factors, which are as follows, that involves in branding:
  • Mentioning the brand and links of the sites in social media
  • Mentioning the brand and links in high profile trusted websites
  • Direct brand or the domain name searches

When you are talking about big brands, it should be relative to the market as well as the keyword. Sometimes big brands are not big ones in smaller markets.

Visitors’ Behavior
Behavior of the users is one the important factor for the success of SEO marketing strategy. The user data can be measured with various medium embedded in a search engine and also the data from its main server. The factors in this area are as follows:
  • Time spent by the visitor in the website, especially when they are entering via SERP
  • The bounce rate
  • Time spent by the visitor in the website
  • If the visitors are returning back to the website

When a visitor is entering the website, the time they spend and the trend of site navigation plays a vital role in measuring the visitor behavior.

Social Aspects

Social aspects include the presence of the search item keywords in the social media websites. This includes the comments that people make in the social sites, tweets and retweets, like and unlike in the social media site play a vital role in the SEO strategy. These activities also determine the future revisits and also new visits to the website. When it comes to the presence in the social media, it is always a question if that will add any significant value. The answer here is “Yes”. Statistics say Facebook, the social networking site, is one of the most visited websites. Hence if you have the link on this website it will spread like a wildfire.

This is about the SEO strategy in its new Avatar. With this new avatar you will get a competitive edge in the market and a step ahead of your competitors.

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